2nd Generation Android One Smartphones are on the Way

The Android One Smartphones are really doing their best in class move with the developing countries like India & Indonesia. Most of the 1st Generation Android One Mobile has been rolled out their Android Lollipop update and hence the Google’s promise for the 2 years update made true. Likewise, there are quite impressive rumor circulating with the 2nd generation Android One devices accordingly. According to the official reports, Google is developing their next version Android One Smartphones along with Lava in India.
2nd Generation Android One Smartphones are on the Way
2nd Generation Android One Smartphones are on the Way
2ndGeneration Android One Smartphones July 14 Failed:

Hope you might aware about the recently passed rumor, 2nd Generation Android One Smartphones will be launched by Lava on July 14th 2015, but that doesn’t happened, may be due to various technical reasons, perhaps it is not a official statement as well.

But, the same device is said to be available by the end of next week, accordingly.

Lava press Invites on July 27 Event:

There as been a viral and impressive teaser launched by Lava mobiles on the internet and thus invites the notification about their future products, much.

Witness the Power 1” is what the teaser reads officially from Lava. The same also represents their closest and next product in the market, definitely from Google Android One project indeed. The “1” represents the “Android One”  project accordingly, and the invites are gone viral in the internet as it is the 2nd generation device for sure.

There are other rumors are also running around the Lava maker over the press meet concept made on 27th July 2015. Yes, it is their next Smartphone none other than, Lava Iris X5, a 4G mobile from the Indian maker indeed.

The Lava Iris X5 4G mobile has also been listed on the recently revealed bench mark reports. Be it a Lava Iris X5 or the Android One (2nd Generation) device, the official statements are on the way. Get ready to enjoy either the 4G Smartphone or the upgraded Android One devices at its best.

Remember the 2ndGeneration Android One Smartphone are highly priced than the 1stgeneration by at least 30%.

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