Lenovo Launched 6.8” PB1-770N Tablet with 3500mAh Battery

Battery is an important requirement for the recent day tablets. There is ample competition raised with the Tablet market. Almost every Smartphone makers has their rival competition in this sector too. Today, there was a leak about the brand new Lenovo Tablets, which are expected to be launched with the 6.8 inches of size along with the incredible 3500mAh battery. Interestingly, the confirmation about the process of making voice calls is pretty low with the device. The certification for the mobile is offered by TNEAA China and almost we bring you each and every feature of the leaked Lenovo tablet 2015.
Lenovo Launched 6.8” PB1-770N Tablet with 3500mAh Battery
Lenovo Launched 6.8” PB1-770N Tablet with 3500mAh Battery
Key Features of PB1-770N Tablet 2015:
  • 1.5GHz Octa Core Processor
  • 2GB RAM & 32GB Internal Storage
  • 6.8 inch Full HD Resolution Display
  • 13MP Primary & 5MP Selfie Camera
  •  3500mAh Battery capacity

Operating System:

The operating system about the newbie PB1-770N Tablet is certainly unclear as of this level. The leak doesn’t unveil anything about the operating system features of the tablet. However, Lenovo could bring any of the lovely Android Kitkat or Lollipop operating system categorically.

Camera Functionality:

The camera of the tablet is enabled with better pixels at both the ends. Yes, the rear camera is boasted with the 13MP sensor, which is capable of recording the Full HD videos with better zooming quality as well. Also, the same is enabled with LED flash support for the low light camera requirements. Interestingly, the Selfie camera of the tablet is fixed to 5MP, which is an Auto focus technology enabled camera.

Display & Design:

The design of the brand new PB1-770N Tablet is expected to go with the ancestor and something stylish in the modified form. The screen is a highlighting feature coupled to the tablet, as per the leak. Especially because, the screen of the tablet is built to 6.8 inches of Full HD quality. The resolution will definitely help you get clear and crystal images and color reproductions as well.

Processor Features:

The processor of the tablet is said to be powered with 1.5GHz speed, but the leak failed to convey anything about the Tablet’s processor maker. But, one thing is very clear from the leak. That is, the processor is built to make the reliable and decent multitasking with the 2GB RAM and hence the same is well coupled each other. The internal storage of the tablet is built to 32GB and also expandable up to 64GB categorically.

Battery Capacity:

The battery of the tablet is another highlighting feature, as the leak said it will be built with 3500mAh powerful battery. Hence you could definitely get better power backup to your requirements at least for a day. Anyway, we will give you live and reliable information about the same once it is official. Stay tuned!

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