Lenovo Acquired Zuk Smartphone | Zuk Z1 Coming Soon

Lenovo one among the leading global smartphone maker has been tremendously doing some of the great moves to sustain the marketing conditions. There are several new policies have been achieved by this maker across the globe. Hope you know, Lenovo acquired several mobile making and software companies across the world and Motorola seems to the highest value maker for the same. Likewise, today, Lenovo acquired another mobile maker in China. The newly acquired mobile maker is none other than “Zuk”. This suggests that, Zuk won’t be one among the many mobile makers from China anymore.
Lenovo Acquired Zuk Smartphone | Zuk Z1 Coming Soon
Lenovo Acquired Zuk Smartphone | Zuk Z1 Coming Soon
Serious Competition to OnePlus:

OnePlus is one among the global mobile manufacturing company from China and it has no equal right competitor in the local market categorically. But, the story won’t be remains the same anymore. This is especially because of the Lenovo’s acquisition over the Zuk Inc. There are plenty of plans are made with the Zuk Inc and Lenovo would definitely implement the same in the 2nd half of 2015.

Launching some of the high end Smartphones with the CyanogenMod operating system is the highest plan available with the Lenovo acquired Zuk Inc indeed.

Two Companies Acquired Zuk:

will not just be one of the countless smartphone makers in China. The company is backed by the tech giant Lenovo and the Chinese software company 360. The latter has reportedly committed $409 million in the venture alone, thus meaning that Zuk means serious business.

The acquisition of the Zuk mobiles is not exclusively done by Lenovo alone and the same is shared by the Chinese Software maker 360 indeed. This again confirms that, Zuk won’t be one among the countless mobile manufacturers from China categorically. The Zuk Inc has gone for sale at $409 million and the same states the value of the interest shown by them in the business.

Zuk Z1 Coming Soon:

CyanogenMod operating system is the supreme Chinese version Android in China. The 360 software company is intending to make the same even awesome with the Zuk mobiles. The rest hardware components of the mobiles could be taken care by the Lenovo accordingly.

Meanwhile, Lenovo stated that, it is going to launch a new high end Smartphone from Zuk in the name of Zuk Z1 indeed. There is no official word about the specifications or even the launching date. Perhaps, it will really happen within the 3rdquarter of 2015. Some of the reports from the country claim that, the new Zuk Z1 mobile could be boasted with large piece of battery followed by a fingerprint scanner for sure.

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