YotaPhone 2 Goes for Sale in China | Best Buy at $788

Making any sensational moves in the Smartphone world will really a true strategy to make your brand lives a long relationship with the customers. There are several competition associated with the Smartphone makers in the market, most of the them utilizing the process of making the cost effective mobiles without any compromise in the quality and features as well. But, there are few mobile units exist in the world, where the same has very high cost than the normal mobiles. This kind of mobiles is really built with quality features along with world class benefits within. The Russian technology made YotaPhone is certainly one among them.
YotaPhone 2 Goes for Sale in China | Best Buy at $788
YotaPhone 2 Goes for Sale in China | Best Buy at $788
Traditional Launch in Chine: YotaPhone 2:

Hope you know the YotaPhone and its world class technology. Interestingly, the double side screen is what the great features built in with the device. Absolutely, this feature yields a wider response with the YatoPhone across the globe. Just a few weeks earlier the YatoPhone 2 went up for sale in the US and the Crowdfunding campaign really made wonderful with the US peoples. Hence, the next eye of the YatoPhone Smartphone maker is China. But, the YatoPhone 2 mobile will get some respectable and traditional way of entering in to the Chinese market.

JieLan Partnership with YatoPhone 2:

It has been officially verified that, the brand new YatoPhone 2 Smartphone is already has the right partnership with the Chinese makers and to be named right it is JieLan Inc. This organization will take care of YatoPhone 2 Mobile launch in China in real time manner. The unique e-paper screen concept is what a unique and impressive move enabled with the mobile. The always on screen concept from the first version of Yotaphone is effective travels even to the 2ndgeneration device in the market. This screen utilizes very low battery power and hence you won’t get lose in the power bank for whatever no reason.

Cost of the YatoPhone 2 Smartphone in China:

According to the official website of the brand new YatoPhone 2 Smartphone, the mobile goes for sale at the rate of CNY 4888, which get the approximate conversion of $788. This is really a higher price compared to the rest Smartphones available in the market. You can’t get the mobile as it is, hence you have to register the mobile in the official website and the mobile is in pre order mode as of now.

You will definitely get unique reading experience with this great technology implemented Smartphone for sure. Hope you know, this YatoPhone 2 Mobile is a global 4G LTE capable and hence the Chinese could definitely maker the most of it according to their respective version bands. Some of the build in apps are WeChat and Weibo indeed. iReader is what a special move that allows you to get reading the ebooks without the actual use of the existing 1st screen.

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