Top 5 RPG Game You can Try in Your Smartphone

In the early days, the RPG games are especially available only to the PC users and none of the rest can enjoy the game for sure. But, due to the advancement in the mobile sector, with the help of the Android operating system, you can really enjoy your desired games anywhere in both online and offline as well. We are here come up with brand new 5 RPG games that you can simply enjoy with your Smartphone, without spending any money towards the same.
Top 5 RPG Game You can Try in Your Smartphone

Path of Exile:

This game has been in the industry for over 12 years and only now entered into the Smartphone world. Most of the hardcore fans of this game can definitely make the most of it. You can get the same entertainment associated with the Diablo II PC game with this Path of Exile indeed. This can also be joined to play with multiplayers in online as well.


Stop worrying about the internet connection availability status for playing any RPG games in your browser. Yes, this new Runescape Android game certainly doesn’t require any internet connection to enjoy yourself anywhere & anytime as well. There is also an active community available with this Android game and you can simply participate to clarify your doubts with it and get maximum gaming.

Star Wars: the Old Republic

The strategies are very important to enjoy your gaming at your way. Every game has its own strategy and you have to find the better stuff before you getting exit from the game at each level. This Stars Wars: The Old Republic also remains the same and there are ample of levels associated with the game. The specialized missions and characters can boost your enthu with it.


The name of the game is really unique and certainly one of the few games that fits well for experiencing on both the PC and Xbox stuffs. If you just want to upgrade your gaming experience, just spend another $60, so that you will be benefited with the excellent gaming with full access to the maximum entertainment as possible. The beauty of this NeverWinter android game is that, one single step towards the wrong direction, would make you die. Be careful always!

Realm of the Mad God:

If you don’t have enough power to play any RPG games with your PC, then, the Realm of the Mad God is the superior option you can choose with. This is a shooter game basically and you can feel the dubbed version of both the Diablo and Ikaruga.  There are 15 various missions available in the game and each have unique moves to survive.

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