List of Smartphones Got Android Lollipop Update This Week

Android the legendary platform for the operating system of today's Smartphone and other consumer electronics products categorically. Though most of the Smartphones of today are naturally powered by Android OS with various versions, most of the users certainly love to have the latest OS on the same platform. Hope you know, Android Lollipop is the latest and trendiest version available in the sector. Almost 10% of the world Smartphones are rolled out with the Android Lollipop update indeed. Interestingly, two legendary Smartphones got the official notification for the Android L update this week. The Sony Xperia Z and finally the Oppo mobile categorically. Let us see the official features about the same in detail.
List of Smartphones Got Android Lollipop Update This Week
List of Smartphones Got Android Lollipop Update This Week
Sony Xperia Z :Ready for Android L 2015

The Sony Xperia Z seems to be the first Smartphone of this week to get the Android L indeed. Hope you know, Sony announced to bring the Android L update to it's Xperia Z series last October 2014. Most of the Xperia Z series devices have already been rolled out their Android Lollipop stuff in mean time. The Xperia Z is the only device which waits, for a long time to get the Android L.

Yesterday, a user of Twitter posted to Sony about the Android Lollipop update on Xperia Z mobile. In response to that, Sony offered a responsible reply that, *Sony will roll out the Android Lollipop OS to the entire Xperia Z mobiles within a week*

This information is officially declared by the Sony Philippines. Also, the same details are posted to the official blog of Sony Xperia indeed.

Oppo Smartphone to get Android Lollipop:

As most of the Smartphone manufacturer are keen on pushing Android Lollipop to their devices also right out of the box, Oppo certainly feel very bad luck in this sector. Non of the Oppo mobile has been given the Android L update past few months. In order to escape from the discrepancy, Oppo has finally set to release the Android L update to one of its legendary Smartphone by this weekend.

ColorOS being the Oppo Mobiles operating system platform, which is also purely based on the Android OS with certain modification. Today, Oppo has finally set to launch the ColorOS version 2.1, which is originally designed and developed based on Android Lollipop OS. This confirms that, the entire eligible Oppo mobiles will sooner to taste the Android L in the market.

Oppo R7 Smartphone Launching Date:

As per the official notifications, Oppo is set launch their Flagship Smartphone Oppo R7 device in the market within a couple of days. Certain rumors claims that, Oppo could launch their new device by May 20, 2015. There are few rumors running around the Oppo R7Plus Smartphone as well.

Stay tuned, we will give you the live and reliable updates forever. 

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