Flagship Lumia 940 With 20MP Camera and USB Type C

Lumia mobiles don’t see any of the flagship devices in the recent past. But, there is a wide rumor flowing in the world that, Microsoft to be launch their Flagship Smartphone in the name of Lumia 940 indeed. One of the most interesting features to be implemented with this rumored Smartphone is that, it could come with 20 MP Primary Camera at the rear end. Another factor associated with this newbie device is that, it was built in with Type C USB cable for faster charging necessities. The rumor also claims that, this device could have the similar design of Nokia Lumia 830 Smartphone. Let's go through the ample of rumored facilities associated with the same in depth.
Flagship Lumia 940 With 20MP Camera and USB Type C
Flagship Lumia 940 With 20MP Camera and USB Type C
Features of New Lumia 940 XL Mobile 2015:

There are ample of amazing features bundled with the brand new and upcoming rumored Microsoft Lumia 940 XL mobile. Yes, the Lumia 940 as two versions, that is Microsoft Lumia 940 and 940 XL indeed. The major difference between the two mobiles is their screen size for sure.

The Microsoft Lumia 940 XL mobile is boasted with QHD Display of resolution 1440*2560 pixels for 5.7 inches, whereas the same quality display is what built with the Microsoft Lumia 940 Smartphone, but the display size is just 5.2 inches. Another decent changes made with the Smartphone is that, its battery capacity. The smaller screen is enabled with the 3000mAh battery backup, whereas the larger screen provides 3300mAh battery.

Incredible Camera at both Ends: Microsoft Lumia 940

This rumored device is certainly assumed to have the traditional flagship quality camera at both the ends. Here, the Microsoft Lumia 940 Smartphone is said to be possessed with the 20MP quality pureview camera at the rear, along with the LED flashlight support. Also, the 5MP Selfie camera is built at the front end. There are no variations in the camera section of the two variants.

Processor and RAM Features:

Since it’s a flagship device (unofficial), it could really built with at least 3GB RAM followed by 32GB built in memory as well. The 5.2 inch Microsoft Lumia 940 Smartphone is said to be powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 hexa core processor at its best. Probably, the higher version Microsoft Lumia 940 XL could have the Octa Core 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Chipset categorically.

As said earlier, the picture leaked on online suggests that, the Microsoft Lumia 940 XL could be built with USB Type C connector charger. Another important advancement associated with the same is that, it allows you to easily switch between the touch mode to desktop mode, using which you can simply transfer your files on the go along with the process of charging indeed.

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