Bezel-Less Aquos Crystal 2 Smartphone is Back from Sharp

Bezel-less screens are the hot features of the latest Smartphones in the industry. There are plenty of Smartphone makes in the industry has been trying their level best to boast their Smartphones with the Bezel-less displays. This kind of technology not only favors the users in terms of aesthetics, but also favors the mode of getting crystal view and even the handling process becomes really excellent. Hope you knew something about the “Sharp” Smartphone maker and they are not in the industry for quite a long time. But, the wait is over, they are in the Smartphone industry, back with imperial technology made mobile, nothing but, Aquos Crystal 2 Smartphone.
Bezel-Less Aquos Crystal 2 Smartphone is Back from Sharp

Aquos Crystal 2 Smartphone from Sharp 2015:

One of the most impressive features enabled with the Aquos Crystal 2 mobile is that, it comes with the latest Bezel-Less screen of about 5.2 inches. This is the successor of the earlier version Aquos Crystal Smartphone which was launched a year ago. Another interesting features added to this advanced mobile is that, it comes with basic water proofing technology followed by supporting mobile wallet in USA.

The Aquos Crystal 2 Smartphone is expected to launch in the mid of July and the same will go for sale exclusively in Japan and there is no information about the global availability of it, even to US indeed.

This mobile brings the brighter vision to eyes using the S-PURELED display (Bezel-less technique) and the resolution is trimmed to 720pixels, which is just an HD indeed. This mobile still to be considered as the mid ranger, as the camera features are really quite average in the market.

Yes, the new Aquos Crystal 2 mobile will be boosted with 2.1MP Selfie camera at the front, whilst the rear camera goes up to 8MP along with LED flash. Interestingly, both the camera is capable of recording full HD videos, using which you can make finest quality video shoots at the rear and videos calls using the front snapper.

The internal storage and RAM becomes quite impressive at the mid range quality. Definitely, the 2GB RAM will make you handy stuff in the multitasking mode followed by 16GB internal memory indeed. Even to add ice to the cake, the mobile is featured with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset, which will definitely help you to stay ahead in all your jobs in real time manner.

The water proof technology of the mobile, just survives the water splash over it, but not to the submersion conditions. The touch sensor Grip Magic (for high security) helps you to easily safeguard your Smartphone from theft.

While coming to the battery features of the mobile, it has capable of supporting your entire basic needs of the day with 2030mAh Li-ion removable battery indeed.

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