Top 5 Gaming Smartphone Mobile of the Year 2015

Smartphones are not only utilized for the process of capturing excellent videos and other multitasking features, perhaps, highly utilized for the gaming too. Almost 2/3rdof Android Smartphone lovers certainly prefer the better mobile which exceptionally suits their gaming requirements indeed. There are ample of mobile phone graphics card supporting chips have been built in these days, including PowerVR, Mali, Adreno and several other startups too. Today, we are here to discuss about the excellent Top 5 Gaming Smartphones 2015indeed. The following mobiles will definitely give you an overview about the selection of better gadget for your gaming mind at its best.
Top 5 Gaming Smartphone Mobile of the Year 2015
Top 5 Gaming Smartphone Mobile of the Year 2015

Hope you know this Sony Xperia Z4 Mobile has become official today and the same got its spot in the perfect gaming mobile of the year 2015. This is especially because; it has been powered by the Android latest Lollipop version, operating system for ocean of the latest games in the play store. The processor suits well for the finest gaming, i.e. quad core Snapdragon 801chipset, with the processing speed of 1.5GHz. The inclusion of 3/4GB RAM provides you better chances to play any kind of full HD games at its best without any hanging hiccups.

HTC One M9 Smartphone:

Though this HTC One mobile has been highly expensive, it is really worthy for the gaming aspects. Especially because, it has 3GB RAM which is well coupled with the Adreno 430 GPU enabled hardware of the same 64bit SoC from Qualcomm Snapdragon family categorically. The Android Lollipop version 5.1 helps you to enrich your entertainment categorically.

LG G4 Android L Mobile:

Another flagship Smartphone in the Top 5 Android Gaming mobile of the year, but this time its from LG industry. Yes this mobile has been featured with 4GB RAM, that gives immense multitasking followed by amazing gaming experience using the finest Adreno 430 GPU indeed. Perhaps, the hardware combination of the Smartphone is really excellent comparing the rest competitors. Here the Android OS version is just 5.0 and yet to receive the 5.1 L update.

LG G2 Flex Mobile:

One of the finest and exclusive features enabled with this Smartphone is its curved display. Yes, the curved display mobile got its spot in the top gaming mobile of the world 2015. The RAM is available in 2GB and 3GB versions, where all the mobile has been giving the same support in the GPU section along with minor changes in the performances.

Xiaomi Redmi Note Plus:

Runs on Android Lollipop version 5.1 OS provides better gaming options from its competitors. The 5.7 inches screen gives better user interface for all sorts of  High end gaming activites. The same processor and RAM features are made available with this Xiaomi mobile that suits itself for the better gaming necessities. 

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