Huawei Honor 7 and Honor 7 Plus Smartphones Launched in India

Huawei the giant Smartphone and other consumer electronics maker have been unveiled its legendary flagship mobiles in the industry few weeks back in the name of P8 and P8 Max for sure. Today we have leaked information about Huawei and their upcoming Smartphone in the Honor series. They have been working well ahead of other competitors to release the latest technologies enabled stuff in the market at high end category. There is another interesting rumor spread in the internet that, Honor 7 Smartphone could have a duo of Honor 7 Plus mobile indeed. Let us have detailed information about the various features implemented with this mobile.
Huawei Honor 7 and Honor 7 Plus Smartphones Launched in India
Huawei Honor 7 and Honor 7 Plus Smartphones Launched in India
Images Leaked in Online: Honor 7 & Honor 7 Plus:

The leaked image in online confirms various information provided with the mobile could be true. As there is two different varieties of images are available in the leak, this gives the perfect platform to confirm there could be two different Smartphone in the Honor 7 series i.e. Honor 7 and Honor 7 Plus indeed. There are few distinctions associated with the mobile, which adds the strength to the rumor of Honor 7 Plus device.

Honor 7 Plus with Finger Print Sensor:

It is reported that, the Honor 7 Plus could be enabled with Fingerprint sensor under the main camera section of the Smartphone. Hope you have seen the same set of arrangement with the recently launched Huawei Ascend Mate 7 device. There is an honor badge built with the image that gives proof of originality. However, we can’t conclude anything until the stuff gets official.

Also, there is some reasonable rumor specs were available with the Honor 7 Plus Smartphone and are as follows.

The display of Honor 7 Plus mobile will be featured with the Full HD resolution made screen with 5.5 inches size. While coming to the processor section of the Smartphone, it could have either Kirin 930 or 935 category SoC. There could also be 3GB RAM, which adds the excellent space for multitasking requirements. The internal storage of the device can be expected with minimum of 16GB.

Not Even a Rumor Specs with Honor 7 Mobile:

This Honor 7 Smartphone is expected to have a decent camera on both the section. Also, one of the interesting features with this rumor is that, it is expected to have dual-camera at the rear section. The design of the mobile is depicting the Ascend 7 series mobile in various angles. There are no more rumor specs available with the Honor 7 mobile.

Finally, these two mobiles, the Honor 7 and Honor 7 Plus are the newbies in the rumor mill. Some of the rumor is certainly acceptable with the mobiles and that spreads the gap of hope. Stay with us and get reliable news live on the go!

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