Xiaomi to Launch its New Product on 31st March 2015

Xiaomi is one among the effective Smartphone maker from china and affordability is their key to success in the market. They are the trend setters for the flash sales in India without fail. Their market has been widening in these days as they have started to produce all sorts of consumer electronics stuffs indeed. This is also one of the fast growing companies in the world, which has already started to supply Smart TV, Android TV boxes, Battery, Headphones and even fitness tracking watches indeed. There is something which the company hasn’t touched for the favor of its users. They said in a press release that, Xiaomi will openup their another new product in the industry right on March 31st 2015.
Xiaomi to Launch its New Product on 31st March 2015
Xiaomi to Launch its New Product on 31st March 2015

Xiaomi Teasing its Users:

Exceptionally right! Xiaomi is teasing its readers on its official forum and even makes them to guess their upcoming products with certain options as well. As many of peoples certainly votes for three major release on the important date, that includes the product from Mi versions as well. The list option available in the device also includes the much anticipated device from the Xiaomi maker, such as Flagship Mi Note and Mi Note Pro along with the Xiaomi Redmi 2 indeed.

Xiaomi Relations with Microsoft:

Xiaomi officially confirms that they had a certain relationship with Microsoft, which brings us some hope against the availability of Microsoft Windows 10 version devices from them. Apart from that, Xiaomi teases another 5inch powerful device at an ultra affordable rate of just $65 on their official website. These entire features join together make the radar on Xiaomi to spike snick’s even better as earlier. Also, there is a wide speech on process for Xiaomi Smartwatch, as their Mi Band is moving quite brilliant in the market.

Xiaomi Plans to Sell 10 Million Devices in 2015:

The total number of Smartphone that went for sale in 2015 from Xiaomi is about 61 Millions. Hence in an official meeting, Lei Jun the CEO of Xiaomi stated that, he is aiming to promote the number of Smartphone sales from 61Million to 80-100Million devices in the 2015 calendar year.

Expectations Grows Higher with Xiaomi:

Right after their success with the Xiaomi Redmi 1S device in the country, there is a quite high anticipation emerged with the Xiaomi organization. As they release a official statement about the launch of new device on 31st March, the interest towards Xiaomi goes in skyline. Don’t worry folks; we will give you the right information as reliable as possible in real time. 

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