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Scanner is one of the real-time utility richer service that you could enjoy at certain time like taking important notes from a book, or in any other forms. The Android apps made the life simpler than ever, as it provides ample of support in various means. Today we have came up with an Android apps that are handy towards making scanning options and save the same in your local & cloud storage space too. The following apps are capable of taking a Snapshot, edit the same, text recognition support and even more related stuff as well. Let us check out the same in detailed description.]
Top 5 Mobile Scanning Apps 2015

Google Drive Scanner:
This is an highly productivity features enabled app available in the play store, with the options like, scanning, record tracking, and even note making feature. The Optical Character Recognition support is one of the best features that you could enjoy with it. This feature will really be useful in scanning documents easily and cropping the text area will effectively easy. Interestingly, this app lets you to convert the scanned copy to PDF, and later you can convert to any of your interested file format.

Download Google Drive Scanner App

The Camscanner is another Android app available for the purpose of scanning your documents on the go. This app is made available in all major mobile operating systems including iOS & Windows phone too. This app is so inituive and hence utilizing the same become as easy as possible. The Camscanner is useful in terms of scanning documents and save the same in PDF file format. The inclusion of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is an added benefit to its users. Highliting your desired content and saving the same in cloud will really boost your scope with it. Some of the cloud storage space are Box, Drive, Dropbox and even more provided with exceptional encryption technology.

Download Camscanner Android App

Genius Scan:
Just to justify the name, the Genius Scan is enabled with ample of features that are required in time. This scanning app is possessed with the features like Scanning documents, taking snaps, note making, sketches and even more related services indeed. There is a separate library folder created by the app, which makes you to take care of your scanned copy and manage the same effectively. The app is available in free and paid version. The paid version comes with the cost of $7.99, which provides certain premium features towards the scanning requirements.

Download Genius Scan Android App Free Version

Scannable By Evernote:
If you are a diehard fan of Evernote App, then this scannable could be the best available choice for your requirements in the scanning section. Interestingly, this app is featured only in iOS platform alone. There are plenty of incredible features built in with this app and hence you can really feel handy all the time. This app also allows you to access your cloud storage services to save your scanned devices.

Download Scannable by Evernote

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