Raising Rumors of HTC Butterfly 3 Smartphone 2015

Rumor is one of the important stuff that you can’t negotiate in your life. Though there are ample of amazing news will be spread with the rumor, some of them will also come true in real time. That’s why most of them loves the rumors irrespective of their unleasher and its belongings too. You can simply spot thousands of rumors about various stuffs in the world, and while coming to the Smartphone world, the number grows even higher than anticipation. It’s the right time to get the news about next Smartphone features from the HTC Smartphone maker. Following leaks news is brought via Upleaks Twitter account.
Raising Rumors of HTC Butterfly 3 Smartphone 2015
Raising Rumors of HTC Butterfly 3 Smartphone 2015
HTC Butterfly 3 will Hit only in Asian Market:

This is the latest rumor about the HTC Butterfly 3 Smartphone. Yes, this Smartphone has highly targeted only the Asian markets. This is widespread in the internet that, the upcoming Smartphone will launch exclusively in both Japan, China and India and few Smartphones could be released elsewhere in the tag of limited edition stuff.

If you are living anywhere outside these countries, you can still have a hope to purchase this mobile, because it is not official news from HTC isn’t!

HTC Butterfly will be Available in 3 Different Colors:

This is another trending rumor in the industry about the upcoming device from HTC, which is certainly HTC Butterfly 3 indeed. This time, they are targeting the color of the device (panel). As this mobile is expected to be launched in Japan first, this add woo to the Smartphone lover immensely. This could really happen within the next quarter of 2015.

Off course, this HTC Butterfly 3 will be expected to have in three distinctive colors in Japan first. The colors included with the HTC Butterfly 3 are, White, Red and Blue as well. As this could be another next generation device from the Smartphone maker, the expectation over the mobile goes skyline as the time reaching.

Its Display Time Now:

After completing several rounds of rumors in various sectors, this time, we have rounded up with display of the HTC Butterfly 3. Yes, this mobile could be possessed with 5.2inch WQHD display.

This type of screen is certainly a first in kind to implement in HTC. Apparently, this display will be diagonal in shape and gives you the pixel resolution of 2560*1440 resolution. Apart from that, 564ppi makes you to get immense pleasure from the display point of view.

Recap of Key Features of HTC Butterfly 3 Smartphone:
  • Available in 4G LTE model
  • Runs on latest Android Lollipop 5.1 OS
  • Will have 13MP rear and 4MP Ultrapixel Selfie camera
  • IP57 certified Dust and Water resistant capacity

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