Motorola Launches its 3rd Generation Moto X 2015

Motorola one of the most widely popular Smartphone maker right after their launch of Moto E devices in the entry level regions. The anticipation towards the performance of Moto devices are going high on their every new launch. As the competition among the Smartphone makers have been in the skyline, Moto is setting up another rival in the contest. Yes, folks they are now targeting the Moto lovers by unveiling the next generation Moto X in the market. The president of Motorola Mr. Rick Osterloh, unveiled about the company’s next targeted devices in an official meeting. The anticipation towards the next generation Moto X device has been really grown up, right from his speech.
Motorola Launches its 3rd Generation Moto X 2015
Motorola Launches its 3rd Generation Moto X 2015
Comes with a Twitter’s Retweet:

This is interesting news about the upcoming device plans with Motorola is unveiled through a tweet made by an enthusiastic fan of Motorola. Yes, a guy on Twitter questioned Motorola on their official page (certainly an initiative event #AskRickO) about the upcoming device name from Motorola. Mr. Rick just answered to that question on Twitter which is a part of the #AskRickO proposal. The actual question is that, “about the time-frame for the third generation Moto X”.

He simply stated that, every Motorola device outcome certainly takes a full calendar cycle for the finest output. Apparently you can expect some incredible performance Moto X 3rd Generation device by August to September of 2015.

Next Flagship Devices with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC:

Right after the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2015 and Mobile World Congress (CES) 2015 events, Qualcomm and Motorola exposed the company's next flagship (probably the 3rd Generation Moto X Smartphone) will be powered by the latest processor none other than Snapdragon 810 chipset for sure. This gives us an incredible suggestion towards next 3rdMoto X to be the device with advanced processor for sure.

Advanced Processor like 815SoC and 820 SoC are Official:

Hope you know, the latest processor from the Qualcomm industry such as Snapdragon 815 SoC chipset, which was already preferred to many Smartphones in the future. Apart from that, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC is also made official. All these combines to give us a finest instinct about the upcoming device from Motorola, yes it’s definitely 3rd Generation Moto X.

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