Microsoft Apps in Android Mobiles PreInstalled in 11OEMs

Microsoft certainly emerged as one of the global Smartphone maker right after the complete acquisition of Nokia Inc. Almost; their entire brands in the hardware section were completely replaced by Microsoft, instead of Nokia indeed. There are plenty of amazing moves, handling with Microsoft to boost up their Windows operating system in the Smartphone world. The tag, Microsoft Lumia certainly yields them a better name for sure. Either you go with a Microsoft Windows operating system or with Android; you will certainly get the major Microsoft apps as preinstalled on your device. You may simply call it as a useful apps or even a Bloatware too. Perhaps, you can simply uninstall the same, once you feel discomfort with it, the power of Android right.
Microsoft Apps in Android Mobiles PreInstalled in 11OEMs
Microsoft Apps in Android Mobiles PreInstalled in 11OEMs
Microsoft Sign Deal with 11 Android Smartphone Makers:

Yes, just a few days back, Microsoft had a deal with the 11 Android OEMs, which includes the Samsung Inc to have Microsoft apps preinstalled on their future devices right away. This deal works for both the Tablet and Smartphone devices from the list of companies in the agreement. Under this influential deal, Microsoft important apps like, MS Office complete package, OutLook, OneNote, Skype and OneDrive will come pre installed with the future Android devices.

Partnership Announced in MWC 2015:

According to the deal, Microsoft stated that, this deal was just made at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015. Also, Microsoft unveiled the list of companies had signed this new deal as follows, Dell, JP Sa Couto, TrekStor, Datamatic, Hipstreet, DEXP, QMobile, Casper, Tecno, and Pegatron. Interestingly, this was also the leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in the world. This deal will certainly make the people to experience the Microsoft stuffs on their lovable Android devices without any look for the third party stuffs.

Another Profit from Android: Microsoft

Microsoft is directly having a reasonable competition with the Android devices by launching their “Windows Phone OS” for sure. Hope you know Microsoft is certainly gaining a lot from the Android Operating system by owning varieties of patent to it. Apart from these dealings, this new agreement will boost up their market and revenue even better as earlier. Sources confirming that, Microsoft’s latest law suit with Samsung makes the deal would affect the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge indeed.

New Strategy of Microsoft in 2015:

Microsoft has several new strategies in the industry to have a meaningful support in itself.

Though this latest deal as a meaningful reward to their revenue, the upcoming deal with Xiaomi will certainly improve their brand as well. Yes folks, Microsoft is keen in developing a Custom ROM for Xiaomi to launch a Windows Phone 10 devices instead of simply Android.

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