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Mastarbating Helps to Charge Your Smartphone

The world which we are living has been seen tremendous advancement in real time manner. We are certainly experiencing amazing technology in every part of life. In fact, I am providing this stuff on the go. That's the technology & innovation, we have today. But, how many of us are certainly utilizing the technology in effective format. Most of the teenager's (it doesn't limit only to them) spending 1/3rd of their browsing section in the adult content only. Please don't stare & get stunned, because this is a survey result. Hope you know, there are ample of space available on the Internet for the adult contents in 3 categories. They are existing in image, text & interestingly video as well. Actually, we are humans, always love to enjoy a bit extra. Of course, there's nothing wrong with enjoying the adult stuff within some extent. But do we really have our own limits? This wide open Question, which you can answer in your biological format.
Mastarbating Helps to Charge Your Smartphone

After the revolutionary Smartphone era, we are now experiencing the next level of technology in the form of Smart Watches. Samsung is the first flagship maker of the technology termed as "GEAR". Right after the maker, there are tremendous results achieved with the same, which geared other consumer electronics industry to develop it in their style. Now, Apple, Sony, ZTE, and many other leading Smartphone makers produced their stylish and innovative Smart watches. But, charging they are not an easy joke however. Being battery is a bit concern, a leading Pornography website has come up with certain innovative idea to solve the issue in style.

The Pornhub is one of the leading adult content service providers in the Internet. They have recently unveiled an amazing technology using which you can charge your wearable effectively. Yes, you can charge your Smartwatch through one of the unimaginable human activity termed as "Mastarbating", yes folks you really read it right. Don't wider your eyes please. The latest wearable certainly creates the kinetic energy from human body through hands up & down movement's. The name of the brilliant device is termed as "Wankband" that helps to store energy to Charge Your devices.

HowDoes that works:

Peoples certainly wondering about the latest wearable devices and its working method. Let's go and get the right details about the wearable. Actually the watch contains the value that simply convert and stores your body Kinetic energy, which ensures that you can charge your gadgets in future.

Hope you know every hour of the Internet world, there are ample of adult content are  consumed. The Pornhub website claims that, the planet is wasting their incredible energy by hurting itself. Hence, they released the Wankband, which is the world's first electronic device that helps to love the planet by loving yourself. Really appreciable right!

Questionss With the Wankband:

Though the wearable comes with the brilliant technology, there are yet to discover more with the same. Some of the great doubts are, what will be the storage space available and how many times that system works for sure. The answer would really be interesting if the developer claim, it depends on your stamina and loneliness (hope you copy). 

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