Useful Android Apps for Locking Your Inbox

Privacy is certainly one of the most important features that every Smartphone user concerned most in these days. The major reason for this purpose is that, sharing of mobile phones for various reasons with friends and family members become inevitable in this generation. Everybody has their personal and private contacts or they might be in a need of doing something personal for sure. Mostly, friends will certainly interest in checking your inbox in most of the times. Make your friends fool using any of the following apps to lock the inbox successfully. Only you could unlock the message using a PIN for accessing your inbox.
Useful Android Apps for Locking Your Inbox

Some of the exceptional Apps available for the Inbox Locking features are as follows:

The GO SMS Pro is certainly one of the familiar apps in the Google Play store for the inbox locking features for sure. You can simply group all your private contacts in a hub and make the most of the features available with this GO SMS Pro pack. There will be a private inbox for the app and you have to provide a PIN to access the same each time you visit. You can also rename of the folder to any of unclear names.

Hi App Lock:
Are you interested in locking any of your personal android apps with better privacy stuffs? Just make the most of the features with the Hi App Lock app. The amazing feature implemented with this Android app is that, your personal contacts stuffs like messages and even call (missed) will be privately stored in a separate folder. Only you can see it. How amazing right!

Vault App:
This is one of the prominent android apps trusted by millions over the past few years for its finest security and privacy features bundled in. There is a separate privacy controller center, where you can effectively encrypt and decrypt your personal messages for certain limited number of texts for sure. One of the finest features available with this app is that, your facebook account can also be enabled for the absolute privacy stuffs.

This is certainly similar to the features coupled with the Secrets Android App where you can hide your personal messages and even the images too. Interestingly, the unique features made with this app are that, you won’t get any access of this app in the Explorer/App viewer. You can open this android app by pressing the 1111 and call button with the dialer panel. Really interesting right!

Hide SMS:
The features implemented with this Android app are certainly enabled right from its name of the App. This app is exclusively made available for hiding your personal text messages in personal/private folder which will always be hidden for others and only you could access by providing the pin. For every move you made with this app, there will be a notification saying, “KeepSafe Updated”.

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