Nokia Lumia 925 LTE Mobile Gets Denim Update

Nokia is one of the highly utilized brands that get disappeared from its name, but there will be a lot to come out with it in the near future. Though there are ample of amazing Smartphone with fantastic features have been enabled with the LTE 4G networks, Nokia has made the same stuff over a few years back. Do you know about the Nokia Lumia 925 which is certainly one among the leading Smartphone which is enabled with the 4G LTE network. Interestingly the Smartphone have been capitalized to bring certain favorable offers to its users in real time. Let us see some of the amazing features available with the same are as follows.
Nokia Lumia 925 LTE Mobile Gets Denim Update

Nokia Brings Denim Update to Lumia 925
Bringing update to the Smartphone is not an easy joke and you certainly have to possess with some luck to get the same in real time manner. The Smartphone is enabled with the LTE has been awarded the Denim update to it. Initially the T-Mobile took the initiative to bring the Denim update to its users of Nokia Lumia 925 Smartphone. The software version of the same reads like 3051.50009.1451.0018 which confirms the same as of a Denim update to the Windows Phone OS 8.

Download an OTA Update: to Nokia 925
The update of the Denim reads about the 530MB size and you certainly need a 3G/4G enabled internet network or any Wi-Fi as well to download the same. This is mandatory stuff to download the same along with the 80% or above battery storage.

To download the same to your Smartphone, do the following stuffs.

Settings àPhone Update à Check for Updates

You will really be lucky enough to download the same in real time. If you are really doesn’t have enough space to download it, just move some of your phone storage to SD card (if not available, make it now).

Highlights of Nokia Lumia 925:
Some of the highlights of the Nokia Lumia 925 are as follows.

The Smartphone directly reads the amazing features right from the display to the battery indeed. The 4.5 inches enabled AMOLED Display gives you the fantastic performance with the viewing and watching videos possessions. Apart from that, you are also possessed with the PureMotion HD with Clear black display for the amazing viewing experiences.

The Mobile directly comes with the Windows Phone OS version 8 and got the real time update to the same with Windows 8.1 and now its Denim update indeed. Dual Core 1.5GHz Krait processor enabled with the mobile gives you an excellent backup for the multitasking and other real time speed works.

The overall features like camera of 8MP at the rear and 1.3MP at the front is certainly provides some of the best in class experience. Make the most of it.

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