Top Class Android Apps of the Year 2014

Android apps are really one among the most innovative stuffs available in recent past years. You can really do whatever you desire with your mind, as there are over millions of Apps made available in the Android Play Store. We have come up with the new and effective android apps released in 2014. The Top Android apps of the year 2014 are calculated based on users opinions and highest number of downloads to the same categorically. Just go through following apps and download the same if you are in need of the same for free of cost.

Top Class Android Apps of the Year 2014

Inbox by Gmail:
Inbox is certainly launched by Gmail for their revolutionary way of managing and organizing your Email from all clients. You will never forget any of the important information with your email through this innovative app from the search engine giant. You can read, manage, create remainder at single click.

Google Now Launcher:
Right from the launching of the Android OS, launchers are one among the top most searched stuffs with the play store. Though there is plenty of launcher android apps are made available with the Google Play Store only few of them are impressive. Google certainly unveiled Google Now Launcher in the Play Store. You can really experience some of the true version of Android with this app.

Minube: Your Traveler:
Just as the name of this Android device, your Smartphone is capable of showing you the right information about 250,000 various places around the world categorically. You can really visit the world through this android app virtually. The important stuffs about the process of accommodation and food is a vital source which you will be getting with this android app.

Horizon Camera:
This is among the top utility service providing camera app available with the Google Play Store that is especially made for the Camera App lovers. This Horizon camera app helps you to take the videos in horizontal mode irrespective of your camera holding positions categorically.

Polaris Office + PDF:
This Polaris Office + PDF certainly denote the complete needs of the business and students needs. This app comes with handy features of supporting the entire needs of both the office suits and PDF files categorically. You can create, edit and store and delete the office documents effectively on the go.

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