Top 5 Instant Messaging Android Apps Download

There is nothing so sweeter than sending instant messages to your loved ones for sure. There are plenty of beautiful ways to convey your heart in effective rates. The process of sending the messages as “Text” has been traditional and even you can say the same as the outdated indeed. After the invasion of Android in the Smartphone world, you can certainly get varieties of things to do with your Smartphone categorically. Sending instant messages via Internet enabled applications are getting huge applause with the desirable candidates. We are here to have a healthy discussion about the top 5 Android apps available to convey your wishes even at the exclusive tariff plan disabled conditions.

Top 5 Instant Messaging Android Apps Download

WhatsApp - one of the prominent android apps available with the Play store which gives you the power of sending instant messages even in International level. Interestingly you don’t need any special registration other than your normal 10 digit mobile number for sure. There is no hidden or direct cost applicable with this message app utilities. For the first year of use the app is available for free and from the second year you have to pay $0.99/year. You can also make finest group chat with the same. The developers are keen in implementing the voice call making services through the same for free.

Are you interested in sending an instant picture messages (temporarily)? Make the most of the complete solutions with the Snapchat android app for sure. The main beauty of this android app is that, you can both have a video and picture messages instantly or even live as well. One of the prominent usages of this android app is that, once the messages are seen by the receiver the messages erase of automatically. You can really have finest security with the same.

This is the first ever Android app which gives you the finest support of making free video, voice and instant messaging services based on 10 digit mobile number categorically. You can use Wi-Fi or 3G services for the same. One of the interesting factors available with Viber is that, you can make free calls even to the land line numbers at flexible. The power of viber exceptionally changes your Smartphone to Tablet.

Facebook Messenger:
The communication is certainly made simpler with the help of this Android app exclusively made by Facebook for its users. There are over 10 million download made within the release of this app categorically. You can send recorded voice messages and even call your friends with Facebook through the same.

Want to express your ideas into beautiful way as your traditional SMS and MMS services? Over 800+ beautiful emoticons are available and you can use over 200+ themes applicable with the same for sure. Make the most of its features now.

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