Recently Launched Android Apps Jan 2015

Everyone will really have their opinion on playing new android apps and games with their Smartphone. Every week there will be several updates to the Apps and games in the play store. Just in order to check out the recently launched android apps with the play store, you have to tap your button at regular intervals categorically. To avoid the same, you can just go through the following beautiful apps which are recently launched with the Google Play Store. You will really have a decent experience with the same applications than earlier.

Recently Launched Android Apps Jan 2015

Microsoft Excel Preview:
Microsoft is certainly making their full effort to grasp the attention of the Android users for their Excel spreed sheet application needs over many other dubbed versions. You can really make the most of this beautiful excel app with your Smartphone. This allows you to edit, create and save the same directly to your SD card or cloud storage services categorically. You can simply use the same anywhere as per your requirements.

Microsoft Powerpoint Preview:
Another essential app launched by Microsoft for the Android users in the PPT utilities sector. This is the finest tablet version android app. Most of the business and college students can make the most of this android app for their presentation needs on the go. You can create; edit any of the previously available ppts with you. Exclusively developed for the android users in various formats.

Microsoft Word Preview:
This suggests that, Android play store is effectively filled with the Microsoft Office Suit application. You can really make the most of this office suit completely as per your requirements in any of the essential areas without fail. The wait for the complete requirements with the office suit is over. You can download the Word preview from here for free. This is just a beta version only and you will get the complete version in the near future.

Make your memories stay longer with your softcopy remainder with your Smartphone. This Bluenote is one among the interesting android app available with the play store as of today, which allows you to make remainders, take notes of your stuffs as well. The graphics and colorful features applicable with this android is that, you will get finest user experience as per material design.

Power Torch Android App:
Accessing your LED flash light for emergency needs is very important for sure. You can certainly make the most of this Power Torch Android App that gives you the free and effective access the LED Flash light in easier format. There are some innovative taps are implemented with the same and that allows you to take care of your Smartphone battery for sure.

Download Power Button Torch Android App for Free

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