Gigabyte GSmart Mika MX Smartphone 2015

Gigabyte one of the leading manufacturer of the mother boards and leading exporters of the same has entered into the Smartphone world, through unveiling their brand new devices in three distinctive variants for sure. Gigabyte is too, exploiting their strategy in the mobile business as, Xiaomi and Lenovo (Chinese makers) have come up with their ideas to have a successful market in the Smartphone world. Though there is a three distinctive device unveiled, the mid range Smartphone will really be impressed. The brand new mobile “GSmart Mika” is the mid range Smartphone with decent specs built in. Let us explore the same in detailed format.

Gigabyte GSmart Mika MX Smartphone 2015

Key Specs of Gigabyte GSmart Mika MX Smartphone:
  • 5inch IPS HD Display
  • 1.2GHz Quad Core Processor
  • 1GB RAM and 8GB Internal Memory
  • 5MP Rear and 2MP Front Shooter
  • Android Kitkat version 4.4.4
  • 3000 mAh Battery

Operating System:
The operating system of the brand new Gigabyte GSmart Mika MX Smartphone 2015 is really implemented with the excellent operating system in the world, nothing but Android. The Android operating system version 4.4 is built with it and that allows you to have extraordinary fun with the Smartphone and your world of lovable Android apps and games as well.

Display Features:
The display of the GSmart Mika MX Smartphone is built up to 5 inches made of qHD resolution. The screen resolution really helps you a lot in exploring the entire images and views more crispy than your expectations for sure. Also, the glass is protected with the Gorilla version 3 glass. The viewing angles are really great as the screen to body ratio is excellent.

RAM and Storage:

GSmart Mika MX is really made with the amazing specs in the RAM. The 1GB RAM is really sufficient for the phenomenal multi tasking requirements in these days. The internal storage of the Smartphone is also made with decent 8GB and you can expand the same up to 32GB indeed. But, yet the price of the GSmart Mika MX Smartphone is disclosed.

Processor of GSmart Mika MX:
The Processor of the Smartphone GSmart Mika MX is powered by Snapdragon chipset. The Snapdragon 410 SoC processor is the stuff built with the Smartphone. The 1.2GHz Quad Core technology helps you a lot in making the smoother Smartphone operations. Hope you know about the ability of the Cortex A53 version processors with the Android devices.

Camera Specs of GSmart Mika MX:
The camera of the Smartphone is really built with the decent specs both at the rear and front as well. The rear camera comes with the handy 5MP Quality for the video and image shoots in HD resolution along with the LED Flash backup for the low light conditions. The front camera built with 2MP for the amazing video call and chat requirements.

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