Archos Official Launch of 50B Smartphone at CES 2015

Archos is certainly aimed high and try to make the most of the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 event in favor of them categorically. This industry is planned to unveil their flagship model tablet and Smartphone in the same event. As of now, they have well planned for the new trend setting Android powered 4G Smartphone series. We are going to see about the latest Smartphone Helium 50B by Archos in the CES 2015. Take a look at the given below picture along with the key features of the same in the following lines. Archos Helium 50B appears to be affordable rated Android Smartphone with 4G capability in CES 2015 event.

Archos Official Launch of 50B Smartphone at CES 2015

Key Features of Archos Helium 50B Smartphone:
  • Unknown versioned Android Operating system
  • 5inch HD IPS Display
  • MediaTek MK6732 Quad core processor
  • 1GB RAM and 8GB Internal memory
  • Dual SIM with one 4G Slot
  • 5MP Rear camera support

Operating System:
The story certainly remains the same with every Archos Smartphone that is going to be featured at the CES 2015 event. Here too, Archos Helium 50B Smartphone is also powered with Android operating system, certainly expecting to be with Kitkat.

Processor Technology:
However the processor of the newbie Smartphone is an impressive stuff without fail. The MediaTek MK6732M family processor is made available with this Smartphone categorically. The option of amazing quad core technology helps you to have smoother and impressive Archos Helium 50B Smartphone features naturally.

Camera Functionality:
The Smartphone Archos Helium 50B 4G is enabled with awesome dual camera both at the rear and front side. The rear camera is capable of taking the live image through 5MP capacity camera along with the effective LED flash support for the low light image and video capturing requirements. The details about the front camera is not given officially.

Display Aspect:
The display of the Archos Helium 50B 4G Smartphone comes around 5 inches. The entire 5inches is featured with the 720pixel resolution made IPS HD Display. This is really one among the impressive thing which you can avail through this Smartphone. The various viewing angles of the Smartphone are really exceptional.

RAM and Memory:

Archos Helium 50B 4G Smartphone is enabled with first class RAM memory for the lag less Smartphone usages in the 2015. Yes, the mobile comes with 1GB RAM built in and well coupled with the MediaTek quad core processor. Apart from that, the same is featured with 8GB internal memory. The option of including the 4G Slot in the dual standby is an impressive one.

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