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The great success behind the Android operating system is that, you can certainly make the most of the awesome android games and apps without any payment without any limitations in the excitement from most of the developers. There are certain important android games and apps are made accessible for your latest Smartphones and you can definitely make the most of it. The following lines will give you the access of getting details about our favorite picks that would definitely suit your requirements with the Smartphone without fail. The following games are certainly considered to the top Android games of the week from the Android Play Store.

Top Free Android Games of the Week

Godfire Rise of Prometheus:
You might have enjoyed the movie tiled the same in Hollywood screens in recent past. This is an action packed powerful adventure richer games in the style of Hack and Slash categorically. Your ultimate goal is to stop or overcome everything that comes on your way for the purpose of saving the humanity. If you are interested in playing the adventure games then this android game is simply made for your entire needs with the entertainment without fail.

Marvel Contest of Champions:
Playing any games will really give the title of champions for sure. But, how about playing against the champions? You will really get certain excitement from this. This game is really simple to play that will really make you get addict with the same. You will get chances of hiring the entire available Super Heros in your list on the go. You can really become champions through the same.

Roller Polar:
This is really an silly game that is really capable of getting helping mind to the animals in various situations of your life. Here in this android app your goal is to help the friendly teddy bear to keep on snowball top. There are plenty of hurdles will be available in the track including the trees, boulders, and various other animals too. You have to be careful to save yourself from the hurdle to score higher than many others.

Rogue Legend:
Rogue Legend the Tame of the Wild category android simulation game. You can simply simulate plenty of activities including the farming, building and even more related crafting activities and even more related terms as well. You can also create awesome weapons for the hunting process without any special apps for the same. You will really find plenty of fun from this app without fail.

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