Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Must Needed Android Apps

We can definitely anticipate much from the Samsung Smartphone maker in the upcoming CES 2015 in Las Vegas, USA. They are eyeing a lot in grasping the attention of the customers by unveiling their brand new Smartphone none other than “Galaxy S6”. Their recently unveiled Galaxy Note 4 Android Smartphone with the HD AMOLED 5.7 inch Touch Screen have been really made their success through the same. Some of the important apps for this exclusive Smartphone are made available in the Google Play store and please make the most of it for your requirements.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Must Needed Android Apps

One of the finest android app available for the Galaxy Note 4 for taking impressive notes on the go. This new lecture note app is very stylish and gives you gracious look. You can handle the same with pencil in hand. Effectively useful for both the college and conference hall note making stuffs for sure.

S Pen Toolbox:
S pen is an impressive stuff available with the Samsung Galaxy Android Phablet. This tool gives you more power in handling your Galaxy Note 4 in effective format. Exceptional android app available for the Galaxy Note 4 that gives you awesome control in handling the S Pen.

Adobe Photoshop:
Adobe Photoshop is the powerful and professional photo image editor android app available in these days with the Google Play Store. This exclusive app allows you to enhance images with Photoshop features like tools selection, layers, filters, and color tone settings as well. You can also apply photo effects and graphic text for the same.

Another exclusive android app with the note making features. You can definitely make, cut, copy, paste and undo works with the documents on the go. The best part with this android app is that, you can export the same to various available cloud storage services without fail. Just like the options with Evernote.

Are you interested in taking care of your various passwords with any of the particular android app? You can definitely make the most of the stunning android app which is definitely handy in handling your android mobile passwords in effective rates. You can save the same to any of the cloud storage services as well.

The Pushbullet android app is a very useful to share various things from one android device to the other. This also gives you the exceptional notifications on your computer screen and allows you easily share notes, links, lists, and addresses between various devices. You can really get instant connections between the two.


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