Download Android Lollipop Update for S4 GPE

We are all definitely known well that, Android operating system is certainly the talk of the town irrespective of its versions. The popular and key reasons for this feature are that, it comes with millions of wonderful Smart apps along with perfect pastime gaming features indeed. Almost the 80% of the Apps and Games available here with this platform and hence people definitely showing their incredible interest towards the process of getting into this particular platform considering plenty of equiv compatible operating systems for sure. You might know there are several kinds of unique features made available in this operating system and peoples of the world class groups certainly make use of the same as per their interest and regards.

Download Android Lollipop Update for S4 GPE

There are several best in class features and specifications are made accessible with this platform along with several unique updates and upgrades indeed. The Android Lollipop version 5.0 L is the talk of the town post to the Android Kitkat version 4.4 indeed. Though this Kitkat OS is certainly not achieved in plenty of Smartphone’s other than recently launched versions, the giant Search Engine and Android OS makers rolled out their complete classy features made Latest OS in the name of Lollipop L indeed.

There are several list of updates are rolled out by this Google to the varieties of upgradeable Android mobile phones of many manufactures. In such a manner, Samsung holds the top market in the Android powered Smartphone right from the budget to the high end system as well. Google last day announced their updates and upgrade process have been officially rolled out for the impressive features made Smartphone none other than Samsung Galaxy S4 categorically.

The Samsung S4 Galaxy Google Play Edition GPE is the first in kind of Smartphone that comes with the special kind of interest from the Google to get the latest Android L 5.0 OS for sure. Though the S4 Galaxy is available in two formats, such as GPE versions and the general version, as of now, Google have rolled out their fresh Android L only to the S4 of GPE Samsung mobiles alone.

Though most of the Smartphone of the day have been coming with the fantastic Android Lollipop L 5.0.1 version with several smart moves as earlier as possible, the Samsung Galaxy S4 of the GPE version have got only the Android L 5.0 Lollipop indeed.

Apart from the Samsung Galaxy S4 GPE Smartphone’s, the OTA updates are also powered to the Moto G of both generations, and HTC One M7 and M8 Indeed.

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