Android Lollipop Launcher – How to Change Default

Customization is certainly an important aspect that you can enjoy a lot with the Android operating system. Irrespective of the Smartphone maker as well as the version of the same, you can really get an attractive customization towards the aesthetics and your requirements too. The customization not only shows the power of changing the icons and wallpapers, but also the entire theme and easy of access buttons categorically. Now Android have been launched their latest version Smartphone OS nothing but the Lollipop indeed. There are plenty of beautiful and interesting Apps and Games are being unveiled in this version Android OS for sure.

Android Lollipop Launcher – How to Change Default

“Go Through the Smartphone with Lollipop Android L OS”

Let us come to the topic of the process of changing the launcher of the Android L OS version 5.0 in your Smartphone in effective formats.

Go through the complete set of phenomenal instructions offered with the following lines to get the flexible format of changing and customizing your Smartphone in real time manner.

Install any of the great third-party launchers from Google Play. In fact, install as many as you like!

Tap your home button. Choose the launcher you want to use from the list you're provided. If you want choose "just once" you'll get the same choice the next time you hit the home button. If you choose "Always" you'll use the launcher you chose by default each time you go back home.

To choose a different default, go to Settings > Home and pick from the list.

To clear any defaults and get a choice again, go to Settings > Apps and find the list entry for the launcher you've set as default. Tap the entry to open the app settings, and chose to Clear Defaults.

All these effective process will certainly help you out in getting the finest mode of customizing and changing your Launcher with the Android L OS in real time manner.

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