Special Weekly Android Apps for You

Most of the mobile or Smartphone lovers are really cast their vote to the Android operating system alone. The main reason behind this is their incredible services for both the Apps and Games through Play Store for sure. There are ample of games and apps available in the sector and you can simply make the most of them to your requirements which are consequently makes your way of lifestyle in unique and smart mode indeed. Hope you all very well known about the latest launch of Android Kitkat operating system which grasped the attention of the gaming lovers and app lovers in exceptional format. The following apps and games are the exclusively available stuffs with the play store. Download the same for free today.

Special Weekly Android Apps for You

Amaze File Manager:
Everyone will really be interested in downloading their ideas based wonderful file manager stuff to maker their android system explore become easier and effective as well. Just in order to make your requirements fulfilled, Amaze File Manager android app was released with plenty of features within the same. Wonderful features including cut, paste, copy, compress, delete and even more options with the file managing aspects.

The name of the android app itself looks great and thunder indeed. This is an excellent android app available for both the business class and standard users of the Android OS. Yes, exclusive app available for those who checks their email in time to time. You can indulge all in one sample of wonderful accounts within this hub categorically. You can also include the voice mail option within the same.

Amazon Echo:
Not just another android app in the remote control feature richer for sure. It is possessed with ample of features which you will really like them most of the time. You can utilize both the voice controlled version and even the ordinary button systems through the same. You can simply use the same as excellent voice assistant to your needs. This app gets the name of Android SIRI.

ZERO Launcher:
Phenomenal launcher app available in the sector with ample of amazing features than your imaginations. You can really make your android system works fine as well as the device into 3d version indeed. There are several 3D based themes are available with the same and make the most of it for lightening faster explore of the android system.

Facebook Groups:
It is very popular android app available in the Play store. Everyone of us really have their accounts with the Facebook and also we might have joined in any of the interesting groups within the same. To get exclusive notifications from the group activities alone, this android app is made for.

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