Samsung Shutdown ChatON Android App Service

Samsung, we know the giant and leading Smartphone makers in the world with varieties of incredible technologies and innovations as well. The main advantage of them is implementation of finest hardware along with the reliable software support at reasonable cost in the industry. There are over plenty of attractive android based Smartphone, Tablet are made available by this makers. Another important aspect with them is that, they produce and release their flagship Smartphone in the name of Galaxy indeed. Let us certainly comes to our topic about the ChatOn Messaging services android app exclusively designed and developed for the galaxy Smartphone users across World.

Samsung Shutdown ChatON Android App Service

We are definitely know well that, ChatOn is one among the finest android app released by Samsung ahead of Whatsapp and many other great features richer todays Chatting messager app in the play store for sure. One of the factor with this android app is that, it supports only the Samsung Galaxy mobiles indeed. The first launch of this app was made in 2011 and being utilized over 120 countries the global market. If you are a Android Smartphone users over 3 years back powered by Samsung then you might definitely enjoyed the amazing feature richer android app in those days without any special investment indeed.

But, the verge of the same is quite insane in the Android mobile lovers of Samsung for sure. The main reason behind this move is that, Samsung officially stated that, their incredible services towards the ChatOn Android app is going to be completely shutdown. Even though the organization is hasn’t notified the effect of the same with any specific date and time for sure.

There are two distinctive statements arrived from the unidentified resources of Samsung such as, “Samsung Electronics plans to exit from the mobile messaging market from region-to-region as part of corporate strategy to restructure unprofitable businesses and improve profitability.” Another important statement being, “Samsung is on track to streamline its business units. From a business point of view, ChatOn isn't a business that can show improvement in the future.”

Even though there are wide range of Rumors are being running around this ChatOn Samsung Android app, the officials of the Samsung effectively reported that, there are no such statements or decision about the Shutdown of ChatOn Exclusive android app in the messaging companions to their elite customers across the Globe.

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