New Nokia Lumia 835 Complete Pure View Specification

There are plenty of remarkable rumors or leakages are being around Nokia 835 Windows 8.1 mobile over several days in the web. However, Microsoft/Nokia remarkable reported that New Smartphone in the name of Lumia 835 is yet to be launched globally. Even though this is being carried over in another side, there is wonderful leakage of the exceptional specifications is being offered with this mobile in many online portals. We are just offering the same in exclusive format to our elite readers emphatically. Keep buzzing around us to reliable information about your entire needs with the Smartphone, Android app and games as well.

New Nokia Lumia 835 Complete Pure View Specification

Key Specifications of New Nokia Lumia 835 Mobile:
  • 5.7 IPS LCD Display
  • Windows 10 Amber Operating System
  • 12MP Rear and 3MP Front shooter
  • 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM
  • Expandable up to 128GB

Operating System:
This mobile is certainly considered to be the best in class released mobile of the Microsoft to get the excellent version of Window operating system version 10 indeed. There are two distinctive colors are applicable with this mobile and that are said to orange and black indeed. You can really make the most of it them as per your needs and requirements.

Designs and Display:
This mobile comes with the excellent display for the awesome touch screen experience emphatically. The 5.7 inch made crustal clear black display made by the IPS LCD display along with the Gorilla Glass indeed. The option of implementation of the Puremotion HD is definitely incredible and you will really have the right mode of enjoyment with the same for both gaming and visuals indeed.

However, Nokia might have made plenty of incredible features richer specs with their Processor for sure. This mobile comes with the 1.2GHz quad core processor from the Qualcomm Snapdragon family indeed. This is really impressive for the finest mode of performing the incredible mobile operating system multi tasking features categorically.

Camera Features:
This new Nokia Lumia 835 is powered with excellent camera features in both front and rear categories. The Front shooter is offered with the power of 3MP camera with effective motion sensor that gives you the power of making impressive video call for sure. The rear camera is really powered with the finest 12MP quality camera that comes with the OIS Pureview technology indeed. Make the most of them to make excellent photo and video shoot in both natural and night/low light conditions.

RAM and Storage:

The RAM of the Nokia Lumia 835 is powered with 1GB capacity that gives you the power of enjoying the incredible features applicable with the Smartphone multitasking needs. The internal memory of the same is powered by 16GB and the same can be expanded up to 128GB indeed.

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