Latest Picks Android App for Your Smartphone

Whenever it comes to the android app and games, you will really have undeniable confusion with the same as there is plethora of applications and games are possessed with the Google play store for sure.  Finding the best suitable apps and games will really be not quite easiest task for the same reasons. Discover the latest android apps available with the play store with the help of our highly committed online portal which runs exclusively for the android related works indeed. You can really get the finest information about the latest android mobiles, android games and apps associated with the same. Make the most of it as per your ideas with the same.

Latest Picks Android App for Your Smartphone

IMDB Android App:
You probably know well about the IMDB which is nothing but the international Internet Movie Database that gives you the incredible information regarding various aspects of the recently launched movies, real time shows, TV shows and various remarkable events across the globe. Now you can get the amazing details about the wonderful movies you like on the go with the help official android available for the same.

Download Here Maps:
Hope you are all very well known about the features and usages with the maps. Whenever you are going out of station or even to any other location which is quite new to you, you will really need a perfect guide to reach your destination without fail. Just make the most of this wonderful Here Maps available in Nokia store as well as the Samsung stores that gives you the power of effective navigation even at the offline.

Download Here Maps from Nokia and Samsung Stores

One of the recently launched best in class productivity oriented Android app available in the Google Play store for sure. This app comes with two version i.e. one with the free subscription with limited features and the rest goes with the unlimited features at just $4.55/Annually. You can simply set your tasks, projects and even much other related stuff emphatically here.

Knights of Pen and Paper:
You can probably say this is another school role playing android game as the pixels are decorated with the same features along with the sound too. You will really have a plenty of opportunity to make the excellent adventures along with the option of incredible battle against the evil forces to your glory indeed. You will really have a lot of fun with this android app without fail. Make the most of the same in two variants such as free and with the subscriptions of about $4.99/-

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