How to Reset My Galaxy Note 4 Latest Mobile

Every android mobile or tablet or even the Smartphone certainly acts to the same condition as it goes some time after the effective usages of the same. The first thing which you will feel annoying will be its hanging or lagged form of operation categorically. Irrespective of the RAM capacity, android mobiles certainly shows it’s lagging features at least in micro seconds as well. If you are simply negotiating the stuff, the same will really bring you slumping effect at the end and you will automatically look forward the process of resetting either using the hard or soft methods for sure. Just make the following lines effectively to make you’re newly brought Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Factory data reset for sure.

How to Reset My Galaxy Note 4 Latest Mobile

Hard Resetting of new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Mobile:
The first thing you must do is simply making your android mobile gets completed charged.

  • You have to press the home+volume+power button at a time.
  • You have to wait for the mobile to show its vibration and gently release the power and home buttons without releasing the volume (UP) button.
  • This will effectively help you to launch the recovery process panel on your screen.
  • Use the volume button to pick your options and power button to select your desired option as well.
  • Place your volume button on the Wipe Data or Factory Reset Area and use the power button to select the same.
  • Simply select yes to delete your user data.

Once the process is completed, the system will automatically reboots and that firmly confirms you the finest mode of wiping your data.

Factory Reset through Menu options: (Soft Method)
You can also utilize this easy and effective method of resetting your android mobile without any hardware utilizations for sure.
Note: Mobile should be completely charged to initiate this stuff.
  • Go to Menu and click on the Backup and Reset options.
  • Simply Tap over the Data Factory Reset options.
  • Now click with the Reset Phone and erase all data.

You will effectively create the wonderful mode of erasing process with your android system. But, by doing this method you will really have plenty of chances to lose all your details and hence don’t hesitate to have a backup of your important files before undergoing this process. 

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