Handy Android Apps of the Week for Me

Are you an Android junkie? Are you interested in exploring your minds with Android apps and games? Want to spend much time with the gaming and other relevant action with the Google Play Store? Just make the most of our Android blog which is exclusively runs for the latest apps and games with the Play store and you can definitely get incredible number of reasonable pastime oriented games with the same. There are several categories accessible with the play store for the effective gaming and you can utilize any of the best suitable action, arcade, and puzzle games to your requirements deliberately. Go through the following lines to get the list of handy android apps of the week.

Handy Android Apps of the Week for Me

Hope you are all very familiar with the IMDb i.e. Internet Movie Database for their wonderful services with the news, updates and other related gossips to the Hollywood movies for sure. Now, they have come up with this official android app that gives you the handy information about the latest movie, casting info, and toher trailers related videos and many more related contents on the go.

This a handy android app available for those who are highly specific with their budget works for sure. This app directly takes you with your existing bank accounts and based your available money you can effectively plan your future and spend the same in helpful mode. You can also assign monthly limit to your expense and plan for varies activities here.

The name of the android app will definitely be insane; where as the features of the same is really hot. Yes, it allows you to make the predominant mode of getting your body a beautiful shape for sure. This app comes with the handy mode of accessing yourself fitness needs and other related tracking yourself fitness as well. You can set your goal and track the same in real time manner.

Are you interested in finding your partner for reliable dating needs? Want to explore the dating online world in effective rates? Just make the most of the features accessible with this android app that gives you the power of finding the reliable opposite sex for your dating needs in online with the best in feature of searching on your desired location emphatically.

Plex is a newly launched and wide -respected media-sharing android app that helps you get content on your Android device from your PC on the go. Just run the media server software on your computer, and you can access the following format files such as video, pictures and music from anywhere. Extra features, like Chromecast support and cloud saving, are available with a PlexPass subscription.

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