Half Billion FB Messenger Downloads| FaceBook Records

There are huge rumors and remarkable reliable resources are running around the Social Media giant Facebook nothing but the process of charging against the users for their activities over the Facebook.com which they were getting for free of cost now. As of the service is expected to be free up to December 1st of 2014 and from the same day, the Social Media is going to cost or charge you around $3/monthly subscriptions for sure. Even though there is no official leakages are obtained for this statement, there are many leading online portals have been quoting the same. If you are failed to pay the amount for the subscription of your account, you will definitely be able to access the facebook as you do now with the varieties of restrictions in the usages. Firstly, you can access your account more than 45 Mins/Week. Another important restriction is that, you can never get access to any of the Facebook games without paying the subscription indeed.

Half Billion FB Messenger Downloads

We will surely get the reliable information regarding the move with the Facebook charges and restrictions without fail in real time. As of now, Facebook also claimed some important record breaking downloads of their apps especially the Messenger for sure. You have probably know that, there over a Billion of active Facebook users are available with the giant social media and over 500 Millions of them started to share their stuffs through the messenger alone.

Facebook Inc has officially stated today that, more than 500 Million peoples have been downloaded their stand in Messenger app and sharing their expressions over the same as the giant social network removed the messaging feature from their official app for Facebook in various mobile operating systems. Irrespective of the user of the Windows, Android, iPhone or even any other platforms too, the same applicable categorically. Hence, people have effectively turned their shoes towards the process of downloading the Messenger app and express themselves here.

Even though the move of removing the messaging options from the official apps provoked some strange and inappropriate idea about the Facebook Inc, later the same changes the Smartphone world to download the single app over more than 500 Million active peoples across the Globe. Facebook yet to disclose the number of users shared this honor by country. Also, people love this messenger app exclusively for their enriched features in the form of emotions/smiley.

Hope you to have just started to use this incredible app on your Smartphone irrespective of the Operating system it is possessed with. This app allows you to send you selfies, videos and various stickers as well in real time.


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