Top Apps from Editor for the Week

Every week we are certainly offering you the incredible android apps available in the market categorically. There are certain fine unveiling are happenings are brought up around Google play store for sure. You can’t get enough details about the particular great android apps available in the market for sure. That’s why; we have brought you up the effective ways of bringing the finest android apps with the market. Just go through the following recommended android apps of the week categorically. Also, don’t hesitate to offer your comments and suggestions about new games and apps with your mind.

Top Apps from Editor for the Week

Ara Wagoner:
One of the finest newly launched Battery Widget android app with the various re-born features categorically. Most of the android users irrespective of their mobile makers are keen in getting the remarkable updates about their battery level for sure. Only through possessing finest battery backup you can plan your day at incredible manner. This re-born battery backup level indicating android widget really helps you to get natural updates about your android system battery emphatically.

Chop Block:
Google play store certainly stand handy in the process of retaining helping you out with plenty of useful android apps in various areas of your interest categorically. This Chop Block certainly stands out from the crowd by offering you the most unique way of Entertainment. This game is really impressive and challenging in various aspects. There are incredible characters are unveiled with this android game which is really helping you to get right entertainment without fail.


The process of booking any taxi, cab for your short or long distance travel becomes really simpler and effective with the help of this incredible android app exclusively made for the same. Yes, Uber certainly offers you the right mode of selecting the excellent cars for your needs and make payment in online as well. Also, you can simply set the pickup and dropping location in online without even making any contact with your driver for sure.

Subway Surfers:
One of the most traditional android game nothing but Subway Surfers for sure. You can also comment this android game as endless running android game indeed. You can really test your skills of running and handling the stressful situations in real time manner. The process of collecting powers, enjoying with coins and various upgrading process will really give you the effective process of gaining entertainment for sure.

One of the finest android app available with the Google play store for the finest mode of recording your own voice as well as other important note making stuffs too. Enjoy the phenomenal mode of recording and managing the same effectively with this android app for sure.

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