Top Android Apps of the Week | Current Week

We are gathered here to get an awesome entertainment richer android games and apps accessible with the Google Play Store for your needs. Every day the number of games and apps with the play store are really grown up in skyline manner. It’s not that easy to get the overview or the entire information about the recently launched apps and games with the play store in reliable form. You definitely have to move on to various available search engines, android blogs and even many other social circles too. Just in order to reduce your risks and other related hassles we are here to offer you the reliable updates about the latest android apps and games associated with the play store indeed. Download and install the following apps and games for your betterment without fail.

Top Android Apps of the Week | Current Week

Monster Hill Racing:
Hope you are very aware about the Hill climbing android game with your Smartphone. Just with the same essence you can really enjoy your incredible gaming with the Smartphone through various available Hills and Snowmobile as well. You have to drive effectively the available cars and snow mobile vehicles for the successful reach of next level without fail. The ultimate theme of the game is about the escape from the enemies by jumping over various obstacles along with the hills too. You can collect coins to upgrade your vehicle that eases you escapes for sure.

Animals Vs Mutants:
The name of the android game really provides some phenomenal stuffs for your needs right. This game comes under the mixed action of various strategy oriented defense cadre game indeed. You have to attack the mad doctor who is offering huge support to the mutants who are very powerful over your attacks. You have to form a uniform group and give them awesome powers to counterattack the mutant in incredible form.

Bird Revenge:
This is definitely not the cloning of Angry Birds for sure. This game gives you the best possible experience as Classic Zuma for sure. You have to hit the birds of same feather as quicker as possible. Every level you get pass will definitely harder than the previous in various aspects categorically. You also have to prevent the birds, which is ready to eat by the Hungry cat emphatically.

Dinner Dash:
Are you interested in serving with your clients? Want to gain name and fame from various available customers of your hotel? Just make the most of the options associated with this android game categorically. You will really get some finest option of passing your perfect time with this android game. Yes, you have to ceaselessly serve the needs of wide ranges of customers visited in your restaurant in quicker mode.

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