Quality Android Apps of the Current Week

You might definitely know there are over millions of Android apps are available with the Google play store and the number gradually raise in daily basis. Every app developers are keen in offering their best effort for your betterment without fail. As there are ample of such games and apps are associated with the Google’s Play Store, you will definitely feel stumble in the process of finding the best and efficient among the same. Just in order to make your work easy as much as possible, we are offering you the quality and reliable information about the latest launched android apps in intuitive way. Go through the following apps and games to make your Smartphone even Smarter.

Quality Android Apps of the Current Week

Folder Sync Lite:
This application allows you to get sync with your android apps files and other cloud storage stuffs including Dropbox, and Google Drive effectively with the local memory storage indeed. You can exceptionally manage the files with your memory in both types such as you can really save and send the files effectively with it. You can also edit the list of content available in the local memory support as well as the Cloud storage in real time manner.

Skype QIK:
Another great android app for the video call sharing basis. Yes, this app allows you to make the creative way of video calling with your friends and groups with the Skype indeed. This app allows you to make the quality videos of length around 42 seconds and send the same with your friends on the go. Finest social video messaging android app of the week emphatically. Although the videos shared with this media is available for only 2 weeks and the same gets deleted automatically after the given piece of time.

One of the most intelligent android app in the category of accessible with the play store that gives you the power of getting the effective format of sending various file formats instantly and simultaneously too. There are varieties of security resources are associated with the same and you can really make the most of them for your entire needs with the process of sending audio, text, location, picture and other file formats too. You can really utilize the best form of secured mode of sending your messages with the android system with this android app for sure.

This android app comes with the feature of secured instant app for the business management needs. Cotap offers the seamless communications with your companies in instant rates and you can really get awesome focus with your clients without fail. This app is really interesting in the point of getting information from your desired client without sharing your numbers categorically.

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