Microsoft OneDrive Storage Services for Free

Saving our crucial files, such as, photos, videos, and any other text, pdf documents are really becomes effective with the evolvement of the Cloud storage services for sure. There are plenty of advantages associated with this format of saving your files for sure. We are known well about the cloud storage stuffs associated in these days. You can access them anytime, anywhere without any storage space problems categorically. There are several cloud storage service providers are accessible in these days including the Google Drive, Dropbox, Sandbox, and OneDrive as well. But, always there is some limitation with the available spaces offered for sure. Most of the major service providers including Google offering their cloud storages services for free of cost with limited space.

Microsoft OneDrive Storage Services for Free

Most of the products with the Microsoft organization are now effectively available with the Google Android operating system. Just a few days back, MS Complete packages are made available with the Android OS that’s too for free of cost indeed. There are several useful features and products are also accessible with the same platform offered by Desktop and laptop operating system giant none other than Microsoft categorically. Now we are draw together for the process of knowing the latest news with the Play store made by Microsoft emphatically.

Some of the exceptional features of the cloud storages are as follows. The real value for money spent over the same. Yes, the amount you pay for the selected cloud storage will really handy for buying any external hard drives to save your crucial files. The reliability and uptime for the files will definitely be greater compared with the hard disks and pendrives. Also, you need to worry about the number of files and hardware system gets failed due to various virus issues. But, in the case of cloud storage services, you can really have the exceptional mode of accessing the files without any security issues and failure cases.
Now, coming to the point of OneDrive Storage by Microsoft, they unveiled their flagship storage service for free. Yes, it’s really true. The subscribers of the Microsoft office 365 are now offered with the free unlimited storage space with the OneDrive Cloud Storage works. Even though there is little amount you need to invest with the Office 365 suit, you are offered with the unlimited space for the OneDrive.

The crucial statements made by officials with the Microsoft about the launch of this new stylish product are as follows.

“We've started rolling this out today to Office 365 Home, Personal, and University customers”. You can effectively utilize this incredible offer some time in 2015 with great features on the go. Both the personal and professional users can utilize this wonderful offer made by Microsoft to save several pennies in getting cost effective OneDrive cloud storage services.


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