Latest Android App Release Top 5

There are abundant of top android apps are really accessible with the Play store and the number really counts in greater number categorically. Almost, every android categories are gives you much comfortable way of useful way of spending time with the same for sure. But, you definitely don’t have enough time in exploring the top rising, new, highly successful android apps with the Play Store and you can really make the most of us to get the perfect ideas about the various new android games unveiled with the Play store categorically. Just download the entire following android apps of the week to your entertainment manifesto.

Latest Android App Release Top 5
Latest Android App Release Top 5
FIFA 15 Android Game:
This FIFA 15 is certainly an ultimate team edition android game with the pleasure of getting right information about the various mobile soccer needs indeed. You can invite your favorite opponent as per your desire indeed. There are more than 500 official teams and over 10000 impressive players are accessible with this android game. You will certainly feel improvised with your entertainment areas without fail. You will be gifted with plenty of amazing opportunity towards sharing your details about the championship naturally.

99 Problems:
Are you interested in exploring any awesome challenges oriented with the brain functioning stuffs? Just utilize the incredible opportunity accessible with this new android game in the name of 99 Problems indeed. The game will really be fun, impressive graphics as well as the incredible efforts too.

Just Dance Now:
Dancing is really a most impressive feature that most of the common people love. Now with the help of this android app, you can simply dance with your Smartphone by making it move in awesome way. Just make the most of the excellent entertainment with this android app as per your needs without fail. This is a free version android game as well.

This Huerons are one among the best addictive cadre android game in the Puzzle related philosophy android puzzle game indeed. Your role with this android game is to make the perfect merge of the tiny colors among your colored circle to empty the same. You will get amusing entertainment with the same.

Escape the Hellevator:
One of the best real time 3D effective android version Macabre game, which is again the best kind of new puzzle games indeed. To survive in this game, you need to explore every corner of the scenarios accessible here, collect objects and mix items to solve puzzles and only then you could escape.

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