Best Android New Awesome Apps of the Week

We are not only using the mobile phones for the talk and message needs for sure, off course the gaming and important apps usages have become important modes of paying the attention towards the same. Google Android is definitely making some incredible stuff towards the benefits of the users of the same. There is awesome number of games and free utilizing apps are also available with it in million in numbers. The same gets increased day by day. Just go through the complete details offered with the following games which are really awesome in the gaming needs. Make the most of them and enjoy incredible gaming now.

Best Android New Awesome Apps of the Week

Gangster Granny:
This is really an interesting android game in which you need to save your granny from various prisons available here. You have to complete the unfinished bank robbery as well. You will be offered with the fantastic 10 unlock able weapons for the uses of the various needs. Some of the weapons are piston and related weapons. You can utilize the same for the shooting and other unfinished bank robbery needs.

Offroad Kings:
This game is really a best addictive feature oriented racing android game and you can definitely have a fantastic mode of driving your vehicle on various platforms. The mountain stuff is an important and remarkable feature associated with the same. You will offer to collect the available coins on the go and you can effectively use the same for the purpose of upgrading the vehicles as well.

Shadowrun Returns:
This is definitely one of the leading RPG styled strategy richer android game in which you have to come up with the solutions to go up in the series of game. This games revels around year of 2054 in which you have to take the lead of game and control the upcoming shadowrunners effectively. Most of the touch screen devices are definitely doing well with this new android game in effective rates.

Arrow Mania”
Very useful and addict able android game with the arcade gaming features for sure. You have to perform a perfect ordinary crossbow and aim of the android game is to shoot the targets by avoiding the birds crossing the target exceptionally. The graphics and other related works taken with this game is really of incredible rates.

Marvel Quest Dark:
This game is certainly of mixture of incredible saga mixture and puzzles, arcade and RPG category as well. You can really have wonderful and useful pastime with this android game indeed. You can also play with your online friends and even offline too. Some of the important actions available here are Wolverine, Thor, Spiderman, and so on.

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