How to Take Screen Shot on Android Mobiles

Screen shot is nothing but the process of getting the simple snap of your own current screen for the future reference and more related stuffs as well. There may be plenty of reasons to take a screen shot of the Android mobile the process for the same is really simple and effective for various utilities indeed. Either you may be a developer, users or even a blogger too; you might certainly in need of taking the Screen shot of your Android mobile categorically. It is very important to know the procedure to take the screen shot of your android screen for variety of effective uses.

How to Take Screen Shot on Android Mobiles

There are plenty of useful tricks and methodologies are associated for the process of taking awesome screen shots of your android device and let us see all them in a row. Let us certainly discuss the entire stuffs with the brief example as well. One of the finest criteria that you should be possessed with the process of taking the screen shot is certainly the android operating system must be higher than the ICE CREAM SANDWICH indeed.

Screen Shot with Ice Cream Sandwich Android System:
Here we go with the crystal way of taking the screen shot of your android device with the Ice Cream Sandwich android OS version 4.0 or higher.

The process becomes simpler and effective with this android system.

Just press and hold the volume down button and power button simultaneously.

If you are intimated with any animated type of screen by showing screen shot saved, you are perfectly finished the course of taking the screen shot.

You can simply make your visit to the gallery of your android system to get back the right way of captured screen shot indeed.

Screen Shot with Older version of Android System i.e. Less than Ice Cream:
You might know this; there is no software compatibility for the screen shot option with the built in OS of the version lesser than Android Ice Cream Sandwich. So, you just can’t erase your eager of taking the screen shot of android device. You too can make the process of taking the screen shot simply as the rest peoples do, because, you are running with Android, anything, everything possible.

You can just make the most of the manufacturer button option available with the Screen shot of the same. Mostly the Samsung users can make the most of the same effectively with the home and power button options accessible with the Android mobile. Just press the back button along with the power button; you will certainly be getting the perfect screen shot of your android device indeed.

Also there are plenty of third party Android Apps are available for the process of taking the screen shots of the same and with the criteria of rooting the device. The apps will be accessed only on the Rooted Android device categorically.

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