Best Calendar Android Apps of the Month

Android apps are being updated in great manner and you can certainly make the most of it as per your standards and requirements as well. There are several millions of newbie android apps are being updated in each category. One of the inevitable calendar apps is being updated in this month and we had brought you up the same in real time manner. Just go through the following apps and gives your credits to the apps in the form of reviews and testimonials as well. Now, just go through the available apps given below and make the most of the same indeed.

Best Calendar Android Apps of the Month

CAL- Calendar:
One of the beautiful designer richer minimalistic calendar apps is made accessible with this new Cal- calendar android app for sure. There are wide range of integration is made possible with this android app including the Google calendar exchange as well. The process of getting the right diary is certainly made possible with the help of this awesome calendar app indeed.

Sunrise Calendar:
This sunrise calendar is certainly one among the top class service providing android apps in beautiful designs as well. You can seriously replace your Google calendar with the help of this android app indeed, as there are ample of incredible integrations made accessible for sure. Some of the essential stuff included with the calendar widget were, birthday note, remainders, and various related alarms as well.

Event Flow Widget:
Android widgets are really impressive in its specific features and the events flow certainly makes sure the same. This app is certainly deserves some incredible features that allows you to even change your default Google calendar categorically. The process of managing your daily schedules and events become really simpler with these incredible apps undeniably.

Acalendar-Android Calendar:
Are you interested in exploring another world of incredible android apps that comes with the paid version of the same? Then don’t ever look back to the other options than the Acalendar Android app indeed. The cost of the app is just $3.99 and this is really worthy for the amount invested indeed. Even though the app comes with the free version, you will certainly miss some dozens of features for sure.

Agenda Widget:
The name of the android app itself offers some plenty of effective meaning about the same. You can really take the app at your launch screen at various sizes too. There are 3 different themes are made accessible with this app and 3 display modes as well.

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