Amazing Android Apps of the Week

Android Google Play store is certainly possessed with some stunning performance richer android games and equal number of apps as well. You definitely have to check out the latest incoming with the Google play store to enhance your time pass as well as the finest way of smarting yourself in the crowd. We have been come up with the most stylish as well as the real time mode of android apps and games for your effective needs in this article. Please go through the following apps and games as per your requirements and needs too.

Amazing Android Apps of the Week

Moto Actions:
This android app is certainly targeting the users of the latest edition of the new 2ndgeneration Moto X android mobile customers for sure. The gestures of this android app are certainly incredible that gives you the power of enjoying the features of it without even touching the same. You can make an incoming call to silent or even snoozing your alarms by simply waving your hands above the options shown there. You can also make your camera on by making some special moves towards the same.

Castround with Twitter:
Are you so passionate to the actions made by your friends on Twitter? Want to make the instant response to the entire notifications for your twitter creeping? Just employ the incredible special features built in with the Castround with Twitter android app indeed. One of the amazing features built in with this android app is that, you be able to listen the latest tweet made by your friends based on the region you select such as the location of your friends in incredible mode.

One Note:
Hope you have been aware about the process built in with the One Note for the Windows Desktop operating system. Now the same comes gently for the android customers in greater format. This app is live and official from the Microsoft corporations. This app is exclusively useful for the best functionalities with the Android wearable gadgets. You can take note of your choice at instant as well as access them online on the go. Perfect app for the recent days Smart watches.

This Horizon is certainly one of the finest camera apps accessible with Google play store that comes with the finest choices of recording Horizontal videos in most natural format. The best feature accessible with this android app is that, irrespective of your camera and mobile positions, the captured video will certainly be in the Horizontal view categorically. You can use the same app for the functionalities offered with the front shooter as well.

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