Top 5 Racing Android Games in the Play Store

Almost entire game lovers in the play store will definitely be a diehard fan to the racing cadre games without fail. Irrespective of the vehicle used such as, car, bike and even some other crazy vehicles, everybody loves to make a free run or even the time limited challenges as well. After analyzing properly with the Google play store we are here come with you the top 5 android racing games that’s too for free of cost accessible indeed. Just go through the following lines to discover any of your desired android games and download the same on your Smartphone based on your taste and requirements as well. Feel free to provide your views over the following games through effective comment section indeed.

Top 5 Racing Android Games in the Play Store

CSR Racing:
This CSR Racing is certainly one of the most of amazing quality racing android game experience provider and the same makes you to get addict with the same after several attempts for sure. There are some incredible options accessible with this game such as multi player as well as head to head competition indeed. There ample of official car models are available for usages for your needs in the games including world’s leading car brands as well.

Raging Thunder 2:
After all successful feature updates the raging thunder android game is back with the help of the raging thunder 2 android game. You can also make the most of the 3d version of the same indeed. You need to discover various abandoned templates across Great Wall of China and certain tropical beaches indeed. Enjoy the same game with single and group play as well.

Real Racing 3:
This game is certainly made available in the play store recently and there are plenty of remarkable downloads are made with the same. There are ample of various unique designer tracks, challenges along with cars are accessible with this android game. The option of amazing multiplayer is certainly one of the biggest advantages available with this game.

Asphalt 8 Airbrone:
Android’s one of the leading game is made available with the Asphalt 8 version endless free running along with thrilling android games is certainly available here. The gameloft is certainly the developers of this incredible graphics richer game indeed. The option of including the online players along with the multi players is certainly awesome with it.

Highway Rider:
The name of the android game itself gives you the ample of meanings about the same. Yes, you need to make awesome free ride over the available highway in the game. There are plenty of incredible challenges are made accessible with the same for sure.

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