Exclusive Apps for New Sony Samsung Smart Watches

In these days, apps are really getting smarter than humans for sure. In other words, apps help its users to get Smart along with it.  There are plenty of Smart apps available with the Google Play Store in various categories as per the requirements of its users. Most of the users really love the operating system exclusively for their wonderful apps services indeed. Apart from the Smartphone and Tablet, now days, Smart watches are also take in to the competition of the app developers. There are ample of smart apps are made available for the branded Smart watches such as Sony and Samsung, LG as well. Now let us see the list of awesome apps made accessible from these devices in detailed manner.

Exclusive Apps for New Sony Samsung Smart Watches

Once Evernote is targeting the Smartphone and Tablet users of various platforms, now they have targeted the Smart watches as well. You can now operate the same features richer Smartphone and tablet version Evernote android app with your Smart watches at incredible mode. You can simply sync with your emails, notifications and even certain notes with Smartphone and wrist Smart watches in real time mode.

Wear Mini Launcher:
The Launcher is definitely one of the interesting and effective apps much needed for the Android mobiles. In the same taste, now the Smart watches are also utilizing the same set of attention. With the help of the Android mini launcher app, you can certainly get the perfect home screen on your Smart watches without fail. Some of the control and personalization is really awesome with it.

RunKeeper Android App:
Are you a sports eminent person? Or Running is your hobby or profession as well? Just utilize the features made accessible with this pretty Runkeeper android app. There are certain remarkable parameterized scales made available with this app using which you can simply get the statistics of your running records. The only requirement for this app is GPS indeed.

Trello Here:
This is one of the best productivity category android apps. This app is really best comparable with the Google Smart watch app for its incredible features indeed. If you are not much aware about the process of handling the Smart watches, then definitely this app will help you out in excellent mode. The main functionality of this app is that, you can access the main functions of the app such as, create new work cards, update the status of these cards or add new details to a profile without any hiccups.

Just as usual you get the information about the weather of your desired area through the same. All that you are required is possessed with the internet connection without fail. You can browse the exact forecast of the weather up to 5 upcoming days. You can simply say the same as weather forecasting radar indeed.


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