Few Of Best Android Gaming Application Of Year 2013

Google Play store, consists of many application in it and its roaring success in all fields shows an stunning appearance in the field.With the help of those records we are here to give you an review upon those application. Application also includes both payable and free applications.

Call of Duty: Strike Team

 This call of Duty Strike Team can be used only in limited devices but the work of ace graphics show its development to a remarkable extent. The game consist of first player totally and you can even call up on other players when you are need of them. But only a few extent of version you can play on your device not all device will support all the versions of Android.  

Get it now for £4.33 from Google Play.

Temple Run 2

 The first temple run showed an Mass hit on all Application. Now its next version has been released. The first version the player had an endless run in his game. the stunning graphics showed a tremendous hit. Now the temple run 2 can show you all cart running through mines, and collecting money by leaning left and right and escapism with action block shown.

Get it now for free from Google Play.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

This game provides you best arcade game in your device. Preferably it gives you more option on choosing your gaming application and cars to unlock different zone to work with. With this Arcade game you could lose yourself into the game. This is one of the best racing game in Android and Racing lovers must not lose it any cost.

Get it now for free from Google Play.

Rayman Fiesta Run

 Rayman run is other running game with new application on it. It has new controls over these games and you could explore the pleasing graphics behind this game. Stunning graphical experience and easy usage of control can make you more addctive on playing this game.

Get it now for £2 from Google Play.

Strata Free

 This is a puzzle game which starts off easy and as you go more levels it shows to be very complex . Not only this game there are many puzzle games like this. this game is actually comprised of two colour ribbons in it , in which you must make a match of similar colours in square boxes beneath it. the tricky part of the game is it consists of two colour ribbons in which the top colour ribbon must match the square below.

Get it now for free from Google Play.


 This game comprises of steer robotics,in which it goes to the mere future landscape you must solve the puzzles in that particular landscape and progress through the levels . progressing is going to be the difficult part of this Orburn game. though it is worthy trying this game.

Get it now for £1.50 from Google Play.

CyanogenMod Installer

 This application can ow be used with the help of PC application . And now installing this application is made mush easier. But on before hand warning, this application will void your device warranty.

Get it now for free from Google Play.

Football Manager Handheld 2014

 This application is an update version of footy Fanatics. This betterment in application helps in making much betterment in the app. people who are craze on this app can no longer have an second thought on this and you could buy this app from google application store.

Get it now for £7 from Google Play.

Camera Awesome
This app shows you better, improvement in camera application store, it focuses on all different points and gives you high quality focuses. With help of this application you can share and transfer photos from one point to other point application .

Get it now for £1.87 from Google Play.

Toy Story: Story Theater

This app is totally narrative application, which allows users to use the Disney wallpapers in it. The wild screen concept can be set back as a back ground screen this makes the users use the application in every manner. you can also record your voice on the application. This facility is been included to improve the interest on Application.

Get it now for £1.87 from Google Play.

Cbeebies Playtime

 Ceebies play time is an application in which people can make kids work up on the application. There is an kids room where kids can plan their activities and work up on that. There is an accessibility to Adult room there you can watch out your kids area and which part of activities they are been worked with.

Get it now for free from Google Play.

Into the Dead

The concept of the game is literally tuff to understand and it is more creepy than Temple Run. But if you are been more involved in this game it is totally worth trying it. 
Get it now for free from Google Play.

Real Boxing
Real boxing game is an real gaming app through which , gaming can be done this gives you an real boxing effort and it is totally cool with single player mode. by using multi player mode, this will make you duke it out easily.

Get it now for £1 from Google Play.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD

This game provides you with, good graphical interface on it, playing this game will increase your curiosity on it. And other hand it is worth playing this Game.As levels grows up you will unloick more of space ships and and more clues to reach next level.

Get it now for free from Google Play.

Imgur - official app

This application will help shoeing more application quickly  , that is if you are need to find on more interesting pictures of cat you can just browse to get those pictures and upload it . Your snap shots can also be uploaded in web through this app easily.

Get it now for free from Google Play.

This is a newest technology application through which you can stay connected with your application and web services you can pair up your device with the printer. And just hook up with the printer application through Google cloud point , now it is ready to use from nay part of the world you can use this printer and take prints outs.

  Get it now for free from Google Play.


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