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Alcatel Pop Astro LTE Smartphone Launched in USA

Alcatel one among good communication equipment manufacturer becomes a better Smartphone maker as well. They are already celebrated their 2 nd anniversary of entering into the Smartphone sector and a lot of incredible mobile phones are being launched by them indeed. Today, Alcatel launched another quality mobile in the Industry through T-Mobile service provider and its named as “ Alcatel Pop Astro ” indeed. This pop star is capable of 4G LTE mobile connectivity and looks very similar to the Moto E but the maker logo makes the difference. If you are interested in contract you can buy it at $150 with $6.24 month target. The same mobile also available at $180 as a prepaid stuff. Alcatel Pop Astro LTE Smartphone Launched in USA Highlights of Alcatel Pop Astro Smartphone 2015: 4.5inches QHD Smart Screen Android Kitkat version 4.4 1.5GHz Quad Core Processor 1GB RAM & 8GB ROM 4G LTE   and HD Voice Call Connectivity 5MP Rear and 0.3 Selfie Camera 2000mAh battery capacity This Smartphone is

BlackBerry Classic Superb White Version Smartphone Launched

New BlackBerry Classic Smartphone of White color was unveiled in the market. The BlackBerry’s white lovers can really make the most of it. There is no more official changes available with the BB Classic Smartphone except in the color categorically. Hope you know this BlackBerry Classic mobile was launched in the market in last December 2014, but only in the black color. This time, the same mobile comes with the White panel. As of now, the Canadian Smartphone maker is planned to roll out this device in the market in the upcoming weeks. There is also a plan of launching this device globally and Hong Kong will be the first to get this device through distributors. The persons from the UK can get the same through BlackBerry Shopping and Amazon online retail indeed. Apart from Canada and UK, this Smartphone could also hit the Italy, Indonesia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabi and UAE later in later weeks. BlackBerry Classic Superb White Version Smartphone Launched Let us have a detailed recap of the Bla

LG Magna Smartphone Available for Purchase in India

There are ample of competitors raised in the market for mobile equipments. The mid range mobile LG Magna Smartphone which was made official by the end of Mobile World Congress MWC 2015 as now made available for purchase across India. Apart from this, LG Joy, Leon, and Spirit is available for your shopping. There are few goodness features enabled with this device in both the hardware and software stuffs. This mid range Smartphone is fixed with a price tag of Rs.16999/-. Let us get the incredible features built with the LG Magna mobile, which was released recently in India. LG Magna Smartphone Available for Purchase in India Highlights of LG Magna Smartphone India: Price:*Rs. 16999/- Runs on Android Lollipop v5.0.1 OS 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM MediaTek Quad core processor 2540mAh powerful battery 5inches HD IPS display 8MP Rear end 5MP Selfie Camera Supports 4G LTE mobile network Operating System Features: The operating system of the recently released LG Magna Smartphone is built with Android

Latest Rumors of Xiaomi 5i Smartphone 2015

One of the most important and fascinating stuff in the market is rumor. This is very common to every business irrespective of its maker and country as well. This is just like an unstoppable force in the universe, which you could never know the origin and the end of the same. There are ample of amazing rumors are spreading around the world. Especially, the interesting rumors and leaks are highly targeted to the Smartphone market indeed. Here too, we are going to discuss about the latest and newest rumor leaks about the Chinese Smartphone maker, Xiaomi and its future mobile categorically. Latest Rumors of Xiaomi 5i Smartphone 2015 Xiaomi Working on Finger Print Sensor: Hope you know about the affordable Smartphone maker from China with trendy features implemented over the same, none other than Xiaomi indeed. Even though Xiaomi doesn’t announce their future projects (Smartphone) related works officially, most of the techies assumed that, Xiaomi Mi5 will be their future project. Being the

New 5 4G Smartphones under Rs.20000 in India

India is certainly among the few countries in the world, which has tremendous market for the Smartphones. Here in India, peoples always tends to move towards the affordable mobile’s irrespective of the manufacturer indeed. Here, we have gathered to know the details about the top 5 new Smartphones that are available under Rs.20000/- in India. With the help of the 4G Connectivity, you can simply experience the better speed at best rates as well. Go through the following affordable 4G mobiles in India at Rs.20,000/- New 5 4G Smartphones under Rs.20000 in India Nokia Lumia 830: Rs.20000 Certainly you are right, its Nokia mobile in the industry. The new Nokia Lumia 830 mobile supports the 4G LTE network at finest speed. Here you can enjoy the 5 inches HD IPS Display at its best screen resolution. The device runs on the Windows 8.1 OS and the 1.2GHz processor supports for the faster operation of the Smartphone. The 1GB RAM space helps you to undergo the multitasking at its best. Interestingl

Nokia Has No Plans to Enter into the Market | Rumor Stops

Past few days, there as been a viral rumor spread on air about the Finnish Smartphone maker, none other than Microsoft acquired Nokia indeed. The rumor is about the re-entry of Nokia into the manufacturing sector by 2016. As there was gentle loophole made available between the Microsoft and Nokia agreement, the rumors had the strength to reach the world at its best speed. Though Nokia could make the entry until the second quarter of the forthcoming year, it still has over 10,000 patents, which can help the Nokia Technologies to license their brand to several new companies around the world. Nokia Has No Plans to Enter into the Market | Rumor Stops Nokia Strictly Denies the Re-Entry Message: As the news spread all over the world, Nokia reportedly comes forward to make give a full stop to the anecdote officially. As per the brief notification offered by the officials of Nokia, here we go, “Nokia notes recent news reports claiming the company communicated an intention to manufacture consum

HTC Butterfly 3 Specs Leaked Online Benchmark

The HTC mobiles have been grasping perfect performance in the market with the help of incredible designs with better configurations. Today, there was an immense leak associated with the HTC Butterfly 3 Smartphone was kept high on the internet. This HTC 3 Butterfly mobile is set to launch exclusively in the Asian market first. The previous leaks suggested that, this HTC 3 Butterfly Smartphone could be launched in 3 distinctive colors and hit the Japanese market first. Now, most of the complete specs of HTC 3 Butterfly have been given through the Benchmark (CompuBench) reports in online. Let us see the complete features associated with the Smartphone in detailed format. HTC Butterfly 3 Specs Leaked Online Benchmark Highlights of HTC 3 Butterfly Smartphone: 5.1 inches qHD Display Android Lollipop version 5.0.2 20MP Primary and 13MP Selfie Camera 3GB RAM & 32GB ROM Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC No words about the battery though* Operating System: To make the user move better with the sof

Lava Iris Alfa L Smartphone Launched in India Rs.8000

Lava one among the budget Smartphone maker from India has been doing some phenomenal works at the entry level and budget friendly Smartphones for sure. Today, Lava launched another budget friendly with powerful features enabled Smartphone in the market and it was termed as “ Lava Iris Alfa L ”. The cost of the Lava Iris Alfa L has been fixed with the rate of Rs.8000/-. Lava has also launched several new Smartphones in the industry by this month, including the Lava Iris X1 Atom, Lava Icon and Lava Iris 370 as well. Let us get the complete features associated with the Lava Iris Alfa L Mobile in detail. Lava Iris Alfa L Smartphone Launched in India Rs.8000 Highlighting Specifications of Lava Iris Alfa L Smartphone: Android Lollipop version 5.0 OS 5.5 inches qHD Display 1.3GHz MediaTek Quad Core Processor 1GB RAM & 8GB ROM Auto Focus 8MP Rear and 2MP Selfie camera 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and More Operating System of Lava Iris Alfa L: The operating system of the Lava Iris Alfa L Smart

EE Harrier Two Affordable Smartphones 2015

Today, the leading mobile operator in United Kingdom (UK) none other than EE launched two new Smartphones in the market. They are none other than Harrier and Harrier Mini indeed. Both these Smartphones are comes under the affordable Smartphones category. The nomenclature of the harrier mobile are comes after the birds, as it was the traditional style of the EE carrier service provider. The cost to the EE Harrier mobile has been fixed with €199.99 for pay as you style and a monthly contract of €21.99 for free services. The cost of the EE Harrier Mini mobile has been fixed with €99.99 for pay as you go and for free contract you have to pay €16.99 per month. EE Harrier Two Affordable Smartphones 2015 Let us see the crystal specifications associated with these two affordable Smartphones in the industry. True Specs of EE Harrier Smartphone 2015: 5.2 inches Full HD Display 13MP Rear Camera 2G RAM & 16GB ROM Android Lollipop Version 5.0 OS Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 SoC Processor 2500mAh pow

Sony Xperia Z3 Back into Sale buy from T Mobile

Sony Xperia series Smartphone’s are one among the excellent hardware combination enabled devices from the maker in the industry. Still, there are ample of Xperia “Flagship” Smartphones are waiting to hit the market, i.e. Sony Xperia Z4 and many other trimmed versions of their flagship mobiles indeed. Hope you know much about the “ Sony Xperia Z3 Smartphone ”, which was released over a 6 months back. In the US location, the T-Mobile and Magenta carrier are, the fewer official partners for the release of it. Before going into deep about the Sony Xperia Z3 Back to sale, let us   recap the excellent features built with the Sony Xperia Z3 mobile. Sony Xperia Z3 Back into Sale buy from T Mobile Highlights of Sony Xperia Z3 Smartphone: Supports Global 4G LTE Network Upgradable to Android Lollipop Version 5.0.2 OS 5.2 inches IPS LCD Display Touchscreen Water and Dust Resistant 3GB RAM & 16/32GB ROM 2.5GHz Quad Core Snapdragon Processor 20.7MP Primary Camera & 2.2MP Selfie Snapper Resal

Lenovo k80 World’s Second Phone to Have 4GB RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM) is the key and a crucial part in the Smartphone, which determines the amount of multitasking you could do with it. Though the 1GB RAM becomes traditional and merely enough for your multitasking requirements, the same goes in vain when you are looking to play some high end games, or huge business applications in the mobile, on the go for sure. But, when you have higher memory density with the device, you can really forget the word hang or delay from your mind. Lenovo k80 World’s Second Phone to Have 4GB RAM This strategy was first utilized by Asus that inspired them to launch the Asus Zenfone 2, which is the world’s first Smartphone to powered by 4GB RAM. With similar concept, it’s the turn of Lenovo, which launched the Lenovo K8 Smartphone which is expected to have 4GB RAM in it. Highlights of Lenovo K8 Smartphone: Supported Advanced 4G LTE Mobile Networks Provided with 2GB/4GB RAM with 32GB/64GB ROM Respectively Runs on Android Lollipop Operating System 13MP

Mi Band Launched in India Best Buy Rs.999/-

Hope you know there has been certain hype created over the 24 th April 2015 event organized by Xiaomi in New Delhi, India. The wait has been over for sure. Especially because, Xiaomi launched its two incredible devices in the market, such as Xiaomi Mi4i Smartphone along with the effective Mi Band indeed. The cost of the Xiaomi Mi4i Mobile is about Rs.12999/- in India, whereas the Mi Band is fixed to Rs.999/-. This is the best buy rates as well, and you can avail the same in leading online retail followed by few offline retails in India. Mi Band Launched in India Best Buy Rs.999/- Start Xiaomi Mi Band Purchase from April 28, 2015: Though Xiaomi officially launched this branded Mi Band for sale, the same will be made available in the market by 28 th April 2015 only. Exciting offers are also announced by the Xiaomi along with the inauguration sale of Mi Band in India. The never expected offer from Xiaomi for the Mi Band sales is that, “First 1000 Customers can avail the fitness trackin

Acer Liquid X2 & M220 Smartphone Launched in US

Acer the legendary laptop computer maker has entered the Smartphone making stuff a couple of year ago. They have a reasonable market in the mobile sector and thus prompted them to unveil quality mobiles at its best. Acer held their press conference in New York yesterday, and to that result, Acer launched two newbie Smartphones in the market, termed as Acer Liquid X2 and Acer M220 Mobile indeed. Both these mobile are really powered with reasonable factory hardware and software combinations according to its price listings. Let us see some of the highlighting features built with both these mobiles as per the official stuff. Acer Liquid X2 & M220 Smartphone Launched in US Highlights of Acer Liquid X2 Mobile 2015: 5.5 inches HD Display 13MP Rear Camera with 5MP Selfie 64bit Octa Core Snapdragon Processor 4000 mAh Huge Battery Actually, the Acer Liquid X2 Smartphone has been featured with better combination of excellent hardware, said by the President of Acer, ST Liew.  As per the promis

Top 5 Gaming Smartphone Mobile of the Year 2015

Smartphones are not only utilized for the process of capturing excellent videos and other multitasking features, perhaps, highly utilized for the gaming too. Almost 2/3 rd of Android Smartphone lovers certainly prefer the better mobile which exceptionally suits their gaming requirements indeed. There are ample of mobile phone graphics card supporting chips have been built in these days, including PowerVR, Mali, Adreno and several other startups too. Today, we are here to discuss about the excellent Top 5 Gaming Smartphones 2015 indeed. The following mobiles will definitely give you an overview about the selection of better gadget for your gaming mind at its best. Top 5 Gaming Smartphone Mobile of the Year 2015 Sony Xperia Z4 Mobile : Hope you know this Sony Xperia Z4 Mobile has become official today and the same got its spot in the perfect gaming mobile of the year 2015. This is especially because; it has been powered by the Android latest Lollipop version, operating system for ocean o

Lava Iris X1 Atom Smartphone Rs.4444 Launched in India

Lava, the Indian Smartphone maker has been tremendously working well on the budget Smartphone market in incredible format. After the successful launch of the Lava Iris X1 which earned them better market in the low end sector, Lava certainly unveiled their next cheaper rated mobile in India in the name of “ Lava Iris X1 Atom ”. The cost of the mobile has been fixed with just Rs.4444/- in India and you can really make the most of the tremendous features built with it categorically. The Lava Iris X1 Atom mobile will be made available in distinctive colors including White Silver, Black Silver and Black Gold option indeed. Lava Iris X1 Atom Smartphone Rs.4444 Launched in India Key Specifications of Lava Iris X1 Atom Smartphone: The cost of the mobile Rs.4444/- Upgradable to Android Lollipop OS 512MB RAM & 4GB ROM 1.2GHz Quad Core Processor 5MP Rear and VGA Selfie Snapper Dual SIM 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB Port 4 inches WVGA Touchscreen   Display 1750 mAh Battery Operating System: The La